Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today was exhausting and I am not feeling very cheerful.  This morning I woke up at seven o’clock, ouch!   We took a ferry from Phi Phi island back to Phuket from where we were driven to our hotel in Khao Lak.  The drive was about 2 hours long and somewhat hot, which made me even more tired.  

We soon arrived, very tired, at our hotel.  There, we checked in to our bungalow that was across a field of palm trees.  We like our bungalow and the hotel a lot and were happy to settle in.  We ate some lunch and I did some math, while Mom and Dad went to the dive shop.  When my parents returned, we had about half an hour before our dive class began which we spent waking ourselves up in the hotel swimming pool.  Our swim kept me awake for only about five minutes.

In the dive shop class room, we watched a movie about diving equipment, oxygen and nitrogen.   Water pressure effects oxygen and nitrogen in your body when you are underwater.  We need to understand this in order to be safe in the water.  I have a feeling that I would have found the class more interesting if I had been more awake.  I slugged out of class 3 hours later, half asleep.  I am so tired right now and will explain more of the scuba class tomorrow.  I apologize that I cannot write a full length blog due to my somnolence. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!   


  1. Just make sure that on your dives you don't sleep with the fishes...

  2. When you're sleepy in the pool
    Learning SCUBA ain't that cool
    Dive too deep? Don't you dare!
    N2, O2, I'm too tired to care...

  3. I will try not to doze underwater!


  4. Hey Guido, what d'ya wanna do wit da kid?