Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good bye Asia!

Today, Dec 28, is the last day of Asia!  In the morning, my parents did some shopping while I stayed behind at guest house watching a movie.  They came back with my Christmas surprise!  I had thought they had given up the search a couples of days ago!  They brought me a waterproof case for my new camera!  After my dad showed me the case, an amazing thought came through my mind.  We were leaving for New Zealand today!  We quickly traveled by subway to the airport and we are now in the lounge!  I am sooooo excited to see how it feels not to be in Asia!  I think five months is too much time to be in Asia.  See ya in New Zealand! 
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  1. HiRohan - Welcome to New Zealand!! You will enjoy it I know! I am in California visiting your cousins, Kalia and Devin. It is quite chilly and I am missing the warm sunshine of Florida! I enjoyed talking to your Mom and Dad on the phone the other night. I think you were in bed. Walter Jaap sent you a comment - he would like to have an answer. Happy New Year! Love, Grandmalish

  2. Rohan - I just caught up on your blog and was delighted by many of your posts! Great pictures and writing and I am impressed with your general commentary and vocabulary! I think you work hard on some of those posts. I last left off before the dive trip. Too bad about the ear thing but as I have taken dive trips in many parts of the world I can tell you that this happens to everyone. And,of course, you bucked up and made something positive of it! A great life lesson that many people never learn. I think your photo composition is coming along wonderfully! Remember, "see the photo" before ever looking through the camera - but you already are I think. You had some killer posts that nobody even commented on. Don't be put off by that as there are lots of people following your blog that don't comment! I put up a few more pics from my trip to Antarctica that I'm not sure if you have seen. Glad you are in NZ and give your parents a hug for me. Great job, Rohan, you are a rock star your friend peter

  3. PS If you want to see those photos just go to the web site and click on our "fans" page p

  4. Hello Peter!
    Thank you so much for reading my blog. I checked out your photos and they were amazing! I loved all the penguins! Were those photos taken in M mode? I wish I could see their settings!