Monday, December 19, 2011

Motoring Around!

Mom "Diggin' the Rig!"

In the morning with no work on my hands, I relaxed and played in the pool.  My dad dunked me and threw me in the water like yesterday, except that today we documented the dunking with my parent’s underwater camera.  We used a self timer and got some amazing shots.  The three of us then played on the beach for a while, but soon it was lunch time.  In search of food, and tsunami memorials, we headed out with newly rented scooters to the town.

After lunch at a local restaurant, we continued our scooter ride to see a police boat that was carried overland during the 2004 tsunami, and a tsunami museum.  It felt good riding on the back of my dad’s scooter with the wind in my face.  Mom drove a separate scooter.  Soon we arrived at a small field with an amazing sight.  There, in the middle of the field was a police boat.  It was long and gray with a small rope hanging from its bow.  My dad and I climbed up and explored.  We looked in the windows and down a portal leading to the berths and heart of the ship.  Dad and I decided that it would be foolish to go down there so we stayed up on the deck.  Apparently, the tsunami in 2004 carried the police boat all the way to the field two kilometers inland from one mile out at sea.  I cannot imagine a wave big enough to carry a boat that far.  Wow!  Think of the all the other things the tsunami effected.  Think of all the families who died in the fray of the wave.  It makes me appreciate my mom’s phrase, “Live every day to the fullest!” 

A Local Lunch....

To learn more about the tsunami we then visited the tsunami museum down the road.  The museum was definitely not much.  On the first floor there were some posters describing the tsunami and the toll it took upon several Southern Asian countries.  On the second floor there were some videos about tsunamis in general.  There was also one low quality, hard to see, video of some images of the tsunami’s destruction.  We did not see much at the museum and I was a little disappointed. 

We soon decided to head back to our resort to read our books and play in the pool.
Tonight we will eat at a real Italian restaurant.  Watch out pizza here I come!

Thank you for reading Rohan geographic!


  1. Hey Rohan! Great reading about your dive trip and the last few days at the resort. Sounds like you are having a really good time. Congrats on getting scuba certified and very cool about all the marine life you saw on your dives (snakes and turtles! Excellent!). Bummer about your ears, though. I hear a lot about cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes and eggs and pizza, but not so much about oatmeal. I thought you really like it.....


    Rohan, I too have enjoyed reading your current blogs. I'm even going to try to put a great pic of you as wallpaperon my new Xmas iPad - the one of you alone with the tousled hair.
    Will you be in Thailand for Xmas?
    Love to all, Grandma Doris

  3. Hello!! Doris, did you find Harry on the previous blog? He's waiting for you... Harry says "Help, I'm lost. Won't a kind grandma come and save me?"

    We'll still be in Thailand for x-mas. New iPad - wow!!

    Chopper, we're not in Surmang anymore, why have the gruel here when we can no longer get the best?! YUM!