Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Wicked Dive Trip!

Today, we finished the last dive of our open water, live aboard, diving trip.  For our last dive, we were exploring an underwater ship wreck at fourteen meters.  Because of my age, I could only go down to twelve meters.  To solve this problem, Amanda, one of the dive instructors, took me down a rope descending to the dive site.  We stopped at twelve meters and looked down upon the wreck just below us. Happily, my ears were fine!  We saw some cool fish, but I really got excited when Amanda pulled out her underwater camera.  She let me use it to take pictures of the wreck and of fish.  I felt a sudden surge of excitement when I combined my two favorite things in the world, diving and photography.  Later in the day, the diving trip was over and I was amazed at the wonderful fun I had experienced.  The Wicked Diving instructors were safe and friendly, the diving was efficient and beautiful, and the food was delicious (go for the bacon).  The trip will take your jaw and drop it to the bottom of the ocean!
Me Saying Goodbye to the Underwater World
A Part of the Wreck
Amanda and Me
My instructors, Anna and Amanda, were focused on safety.  They taught me to trust my instincts.  If I felt bad about a dive or did not want to go, they warned me against diving. They taught me that divers get injured when they go against their instincts.  I respect this logic, and will apply it to all sports for the rest of my life!  Before jumping in the water, the instructors made sure that all my equipment was set and secure.  I never felt rushed our pushed by anything related to diving.  I felt safe underwater and trusted my dive instructors.
Anna and Me (Photo by Johan, the Viking)
Anna and Me (Photo by Johan, the Viking)
Even while the instructors were safe, they were all friendly and willing to interact and bond with their guests.  I met some extremely nice instructors, especially my diving buddy, Anna.  When the rest of the guests on the trip did a deep dive, she stayed with me in my allowed depth range, twelve meters.  If my ears had trouble, she was happy to go back to the boat for a round of Yatzee.  I really appreciate the energy that she and all the other instructors gave me!  All of the instructors played games and had fun with the guests.  I constantly saw traditions and conversations exchanged between the guests and the instructors.  This meant a lot to me because it felt like we were all equals and friends.  Even in the morning, we all shared a delicious breakfast!

The dives were arranged very efficiently and we all saw beautiful marine life.  Preparing for the dives, we got ourselves ready in a safe, calm, and orderly way.  We put on our wet suits, tanks, BCDs, mask and fins slowly to minimize stress.  When we were ready, we made sure to have our buddy check that all of our equipment was ready to go.  We then jumped in, one team at a time, with no stress.  If there was stress or danger, they would move to a safer place.  Once safely in the water, we saw amazing things that blew me away.  Once on the surface, we would always get picked up within minutes, either by the dingy or by the Jaya, our ship.  We were all back aboard quick and happy with food awaiting!        
Paula and Liam

Food aboard the Jaya was fantastic!  For breakfast we ate pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit and much more.  It was displayed on a table over looking the ocean.  Dinner was often Thai with noodles, rice, spicy sauces, and dishes I have never eaten or seen before.  Lunch was a mix between Western and Thai food.   I complain sometimes when I just eat Western food and I complain when I just eat Thai food, but this fully satiated me!  No matter what meal or snack, I ate way more than even on land!  

I enjoyed this diving trip very much.  The instructors were friendly and safe, the food was delicious, and the dives were efficient and beautiful.  Before I sign off, I must say, if you want to go diving come to Koh Lak, Thailand and do a Wicked Diving Live aboard.  Do not know how to dive?  Come a couple days earlier and learn from the beginning!  It’s simple. It’s easy.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

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  1. Rohan - it was awesome to have you (and your mum & dad!) on the trip - your enthusiasm & excitement is contagious.
    Loving the blog entries, and also the photos! Hope that you enjoy Khao Sok - it's truly a hidden gem of this area, very beautiful. Make sure there's plenty of time to chillax ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you all in Komodo or back in Alaska! Safe travels, stay Wicked!

  2. Ohhh!!!

    Thanks for all the nice things about all of us, but I think you deserved this and more....never meet such a nice family before!!!
    Hope we are gonna keep in touch and remember, always follow your instincts!

    Anna, your dive buddy!