Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Beach That Never Lets You Go!!

Two days ago, I wrote that we were leaving our resort and heading off to a national park, but here we are, two days later, enjoying beach resort life and planning to stay one more night.  It just does not make any sense to leave.  Also, tomorrow I will have caught up on all my school work and will have a free day!  I am excited for one more day in the pool.  I also hope to play in the ocean.  Tomorrow we will try to muster up the motivation to rent scooters which we could not muster today.  Besides that, beach life is effortless and comfortably boring!   

FIND HARRY (my stuffed red and white stripped monkey)

Today, I completed a math test and played in the pool.  I had to retake the test because my score was less than ninety percent.  This was annoying and took away a lot of my pool time.  The remaining pool time was spent being dunked and flipped around in the water by my dad.  You should try it!  Being thrown up in the air to come smashing down is a lot more fun in the water than it is over the land (see post "WTF???" about the rickshaw flip!) 

Eating and photography are also part of the wonderful beach life.  Today, I had the classic burger and chocolate sundae.  I took some pictures at the beach, but besides that nothing much up!

Photo by Mom

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