Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just One More Day...

Today, after looking at the pool, we made the decision to stay at our resort for one more day and this time laugh and play in the pool and the ocean.  In the morning, I raced through my work in a couple hours and headed for the swimming pool.  My dad flipped me over his shoulders and sent me flying into the water.  We also played by the ocean.   I love laying limp in the water and letting my body be rocked around by the waves. I think I had about three our four chocolate milk shakes and three pancakes and cheeseburgers.  I believe, that maybe I should try focusing more often.  After the wet day we took another look at the pool and made the decision to stay yet another day.  It twas the curse of the beach resort.
Tomorrow we will probably rent scooters and explore the town.  We might visit the tsunami museum.  In 2004 a tsunami hit the beach where we are staying and it killed many people.  It spooks me out to be ate the site of a natural disaster.  Other than that we will ride along and see were our instincts lead us.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

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