Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Relaxing Bean Bag

We are sailing away diving and having fun.  I have not been able to equalize my ears underwater for a long time, but I am getting used to not being able to dive.  I have been playing games on the boat and not having to worry about much.  Diving is fun, but what my stubborn ears are telling me is “some times relaxation is the key!”

If I do not get to dive I stay behind and lay in the hot sun.  I read books and take naps.  Some times if Anna is with me because she had to quit the dive because of my ears, we play games and wait for the dive groups to come back.  When the divers come back I get up from my relaxing bean bag and photograph them coming in.  At the end of the my relaxing day we had some nice beach time ahead of us.

The beach was remote, sandy and quiet.  My dad and the rest of the group had a blast playing Frisbee and paddle ball.  We enjoyed a nice sunset on the beach but soon the time was over and we were to go back to the ship to end the last night aboard the Jaya!

Today I turned my disappoint of my bad ear into the joy of relaxation. I realized that all bad things have some good in them and nothing is all black or all white.  Today I played games and laid in the sun.  It turned out the dives were not very good and I did not miss much.  Tomorrow is our last day on the ship and I am sad to leave.  I hope I will get my last dive in to say goodbye to the underwater world.

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