Monday, December 26, 2011

Wat Phra Kaew

Today is one of our last days in Bangkok, Thailand.  After a lesson of math, we left the hotel to eat breakfast and to see some amazing temples.  The bulk of the day was spent exploring a Thai temple complex, looking at the the town, and taking photos.

We explored Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, a walled area with colorful temples and the residence of King Rama the first, built in 1782.  I found the temple architecture spectacular.  Scattered throughout the complex, we found twenty to thirty shining, colorful buildings.  The largest structure was somewhat narrow and very long with a colorful roof.  At every corner of the roof were spiky points curving up towards the sky.  Another remarkable building was a tall, golden, circular tower.  There was also a brownish gold monument that had several animals and other sacred figures carved into the upper sides.  All around the temples were human sized statues of Thai Buddhas.  Gold was used on almost every building we saw.  Painted on some of the lower walls of many buildings were murals telling unknown tales of ancient battles and daily life.  The Thai temples looked somewhat similar to Tibetan temples except these were much more opulent.   

After looking at the temple, we explored some of the city on our way home.  Initially, we walked through a market where people were selling food.  After eating a quick snack of mango, we took a taxi boat down a canal that runs through Bangkok.  The boat was crowded, but it got us a little closer to our hotel.  Once ashore again, we still had a ways to walk.  We passed through Chinatown which I found rather similar to the rest of the city, with the exception of some Chinese lettering and a few lanterns.  From Chinatown, we took a taxi back to our hotel. 


Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Nice photos Rohan! Merry Christmas from Farpoint Drive - we miss you.

    Much love, Carrie, Jim, Neve, and Soren

  2. Hey Rohan (and family)!

    Is a pity we were not in Khao Sok at the same time! I was there 10 days ago, and going there tomorrow.

    Amazing photos!!!!! We'll keep track of your adventures in the next destinations!

    See you somewhere sometime to play some Yatzees! Hugs and kisses for all; take care and enjoy (and do the homework ;-)


  3. Dani,
    It is so nice to hear from you! It would have been so cool to see you in Khao Sok. I hope you had a merry Christmas and wish you forever good luck in Yatzee. SPANIARD!!

  4. Carrie, merry Christmas! I miss hanging out with you guys and Bangkok wishes you a merry Christmas!


  5. One of the best things about Thailand is that you get a mix of Chinese and Indian influences. The resulting motifs are very delicate and detailed, which renders even the simplest structure like a roof a sight to behold. Anyway, you seem to have enjoyed the food there too!

    - Kristopher Diss