Friday, December 23, 2011

The Intrepid Island Explores!

After a a delicious pineapple and banana pancake and a lesson of math in the morning, our family spent some time jumping in the warm and fresh water of the lake.  My dad attempted a back flip off of the wooden walkway.   It ended up being just a back flop and a head popping up on the surface saying some colorful words.  I dove a coupled of times, but was smart enough not to try the flip and kill my back.  We all swam out far into the cove and enjoyed the fresh water seeping into our pours.  After jumping in several times, Dad and I decided to go survey our kingdom of islands and maybe extend the path on the island we have named Taren which we explored yesterday.

We spent the afternoon exploring Taren and many other islands under our control.  We first kayaked to the tiny muddy beach on Taren and found the small attempt at a trail we had completed yesterday.  After much work and extending the trail a good ten meters up the slope of the island, we were forced by the extremely dense forest, the bitting and stinging bugs, and the thorns from unknown jungle plants to give up the trail work.  We than returned to our kayak to continue the exploration.  Just off the shores of Taren, we followed a small arm of water leading between two other islands and down to a dead end.  That’s when I made a foolish decision. 

I got out of the boat to go explore a long muddy trail leading up to the unknown land.  I slipped a couple of times and got a little dirty but, later, I would discover the true malevolence of the sinister mud trail.  Unable to go far up this mud trail, I returned and jumped back in the boat.  After surveying some other islands we headed back to our bungalow to find two leaches sucking the blood from both my feet!  My dad pulled the slimy things out and we both laughed about the muddy trail.  I jumped in the lake to wash myself, and my bloody feet. off when I discovered the third leach.  I had to sit outside of my bungalow for thirty minutes and wait for the continually oozing blood to clot.  Nasty!

It is getting dark and several rowdy groups of Thai tourists have started a party and are laughing, screaming, and playing on the lake.  It also looks as if a band is coming out to play.  My confusion vanished when I saw the calendar on the computer while I was writing my blog!  It is Friday night and a party is a brewing! 

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