Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nobody, Nothing, Nowhere

Today, I did the most enjoyable thing I have done in several months, nothing.  I laid around with my parents reading my book and occasionally going outside to take pictures.  I played some cards and my parents completed some emails.  It felt so nice to just laze around the bungalow. 

I am currently reading the Lord of the Rings and am loving the story and style of writing.  I especially love the elves, and the Ringwraiths certainly scare me.  My parents say that they will let me see the movies after I finish the books.  Right now, Frodo, Pippin, and Sam are sitting around an elven camp fire in the middle of the night.  When I got bored of reading, I walked outside to take pictures around the hill resort.

Today, my favorite photo models were flowers. I opened my aperture to 2.8 to make every thing in the picture blurry except for the flower, creating a picture with shallow depth of field.  When I am taking sunset or silhouette shots, I make sure to close my aperture to 8.0 to bring the entire picture into perfect focus, wide depth of field.  I eventually got tired of taking pictures, so I walked back to the family bungalow to play cards or maybe read some more of the Lord of the Rings.  The best part about it was that I did not matter!

Wow, relaxing is so much fun.  If I was the dictator in the family, I would make some specific days to do nothing.  The current dictators makes sure that every day there is something planned.  The lesson of the day is, “If you are looking for something to do, nothing is the thing for you!”

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Wonderful pictures! The last one of the tree is my favorite. And I will try to remember that when bored, I need not look for something meaningful to do.

    It seems we have another photographer and another poet (and now a philosopher) in our family.

  2. But then if you are looking for nothing to do, something must be the thing for you, right? Rats.

    The tree shot is indeed very cool.

  3. The lazy days on the beach
    are often found out of reach
    except on days with nil to teach
    when you're reading Lord of the Rings...

    Say, I can rhyme 'teach' and 'rings' can't I?

  4. Thank you for commenting and it seems that I have my own comedian crew! Andrew, I never knew "teach" rhymed with "rings"! I can learn a lot from your poetry!

  5. I think I saw Dr. Seuss using this type of rhyming scheme. Must have been a dream. Or so it would seem. Either way, the plain-bellied sneetches have none upon thars...

  6. Great, you have now become a rhyming elder... I guess that means you're old.