Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holy Clams!

Today, I had a lazy work morning and an even lazier afternoon of playing in the water.

Around mid morning, my parents undertook a long walk to Phi Phi Town, the town where we disembarked from our ferry several days back. They needed to get some more Thai cash and some other small items.   While they were gone, I finished my book and carried out a long and annoying math test.  The book I finished was a science fiction novel, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the first in a large seres by Douglas Adams.   After my work was completed, I rested for a while until my parents came home and graded my test.  I was relieved when I scored a ninety-five percent and passed!  In return for my good score, my parents let me order a cheese burger, giving me a break from Pad Thai and other Thai food!  It tasted amazing and I made sure to savor every bite.    

After lunch, we set out in search of a beach that was less touristy where we could spend the afternoon.  The owner of our resort knew of such a beach and showed us where it was.  We were led into thick jungle and trudged through fallen palm trees, thorny bushes, and angry fire ants.  We finally arrived at a small deserted beach.  It was not very long, probably about ten meters wide.  We put on our snorkeling gear and started swimming up the shore.  We were not sure where we were going, but we hoped to find an even better beach around the corner.  Some sections of our swim were better than others.  At times, I saw dead coral and barley any fish.  Other times I saw huge reefs with several fish swimming in and out of the small holes in the coral.  Throughout the entire swim, we saw even more impressive giant clams than yesterday.  Embedded in almost every rock were giant clams ranging in size from about two inches to about three feet long.  The three of us loved diving down and waving at the giant clams to make them close up.  Some of the bigger ones you had to be careful not to touch.  They might actually bite your finger, hold you under water and force you to drown.

We soon started to see signs of a beach and eventually realized that on the beach was a restaurant.  My parents found out that the restaurant served lunch only to special tour groups stopping on their way to various destinations.  Soon, we thought of our gear sitting on our starting beach at risk of the rising high tide.  We hastily swam back to find our gear safe.  After returning to our resort, we ate a short dinner and I got an early start on my blog.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Hi Rohan! We loved the gifts... Devin wears her necklace everyday and my cat comb has been placed in an honored collection of amazing things! Nothing is new in California... today we got our Christmas tree and this past week I finished a huge project on wombats... for more information you can check my blog! It sounds like you are having a ton of fun! Those clams were huge and beautiful! We miss you and hope you have fun in Thailand!
    Kalia (and Devin and David)

  2. KC,
    Wow I am glad you love the gifts! What is your address to your blog? I would love to check it out!


  3. Rohan,
    Thanks! My blog address is "The Sweet Life of KC Quill"... I think you can access it by just typing it in in Google or Safari.
    Your blog is so fun to read! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun!
    I hope you like my blog!

    Kalia (KC)