Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scuba, Here We Come

Today, again, we did nothing.  However, today’s nothingness started off not as fun as yesterday’s because the nothing was spent doing the something that drives me crazy, math. 

While I was working away, my parents sat outside on the porch playing guitar.  Suddenly, the music was replaced by my dad’s voice calling, “Rohan, come check this out!”  I happily dropped my books and walked outside.  Dad pointed out (after much effort) a camouflaged brown frog laying in the dirt.  I grabbed my camera and quietly snuck up on the frog.  I was surprised when he did not run away, even when I got up very close and stuck my camera in his face.  He was fat and his feet were small and chubby.  Mom prodded him with a stick and he still did not move.  This disappointed me because I wanted to get a shot of the frog jumping through the air, but I still got some amazing close up shots! 

I did math until two o’clock, after which I ate lunch and swam in the water until blog time.  The freedom of the water felt good after the confinement of the work morning. 

Tomorrow we leave Phi Phi beach for the diving school in Khao Lak.  I am sad to leave the relaxing beach, but I am excited to dive.  Ever since I was a toddler I was fascinated with the sport.  Now I will experience it for myself.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. It's a slow day. How do I know it is a slow day?

    A slow day is when you poke a stick at a toad and it doesn't move. Boy, it would be great if that toad would jump. I sure would like a picture of this toad jumping. But, alas, this day is slow. And this toad just doesn't want to jump. They might as well call slow days "toad days" because of this. Don't you think?

    While we're talking about toad days, I can't imagine Khao Lok (never been there myself, or even heard about it) being any more busy than Phi Phi. Don't fret, I'm sure that you'll have fun!!! Wake up (no early alarms - I remember your allergies to early mornings!) at your leisure. Have a SCUBA lesson. Do a little math (ain't it fun!). Write your blog (some of us live for your daily account!). Do more math (just because it's fun!) and read some LOTR!

    Hey! I'm your first comment!!!

  2. Was that a toad or a frog
    At the start of your blog?
    If it didn't move from the dirt
    Perhaps it was hurt
    If you'd hit it hard with that stick
    It would have been pretty ick......y

  3. What a toady family we have! I laughed at your Mom prodding your toad with a stick. It was exactly what I would have done (have done) not to get a photo, but just to see if it jumped.
    Debbie is convinced that I drove away a frog we had in our bog a few years ago because I was so curious about it.
    PS: What is the difference between a toad and a frog?
    Love, Grandma Doris

  4. Great photos, Rohan. Your new camera is serving you very well. I especially liked the plumeria and orchid photos a few days ago. I wish I knew how to use a manual camera.

    This past week we've all been getting over a stomach bug that had us throwing up all night. No fun. Have you been sick much? Say hi to your folks. Jackie.

  5. Jack! BUMMER, girl! I'm so sorry to hear about you all being sick! Yuck! We managed to say relatively unscathed in all our hard Asia travels. Rohan had a couple bugs in Nepal, and Tim in Tibet, but by the time we got to India we were savvy and didn't get sick... very careful to eat only cooked, hot food (with a few lucky exceptions). Now in Thailand we're eating everything in sight!

    Hey, the rest of the gang...love the comments about the slow toad. Prodding it with a stick was ick(y) enough, it just sort of sat there and it's skin just molded over the stick in a gross sort of way. Later on, we noticed it had buried itself into the mud, and was still alive (we think).