Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Stubborn Ears

We are all having a blast on a relaxing live aboard trip, diving, eating, and sleeping.  I have completed my Open Water Diver Certification course.  I am seeing some cool fish and coral underwater and am enjoying hanging out with our dive instructor, Anna.  Unfortunately, I have had difficultly clearing my ears which has been frustrating and made me miss dives.  

Yesterday, I started to have trouble clearing my ears.  When descending, the pressure change causes my ear drums to bulge.  To equalize, I squeeze my nose and blow out my ears just like on an airplane.  When I jumped in the water this morning, I was afraid that I was going to have the same problem today.  Happily, I was able to equalize and went to the bottom quite easily.  I saw some beautiful scorpion fish and octopus and much more stunning marine life.  The second dive did not go so well though.  I had problems equalizing and had to stop the dive because of the severe pain in my ears.  I tried several times, but still had to go back to the boat with my dive buddy, Anna.

Having to miss dives because I could not equalize was disappointing.  The reef below looked really beautiful, but I could still not descend.  I felt bad when the rest of the dive groups came back and talked about all the things they had seen.  Tomorrow, we will do the best dive of the trip and I am scared that my ears will not allow me to go down. 

It is the end of the day and I am feeling discouraged about my ears.  In addition, I am not inspired to write and I am staring at the computer not knowing what to say.  I am getting upset and being angry with my parents which just makes things worse.  I want to go to bed because we wake up at six o’clock tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will have a better day tomorrow and my ears will equalize.

A Relaxing Break Between Dives

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