Sunday, December 11, 2011

Under the Waves

Today I woke up on board the wooden sailboat after few hours of sleep due to my pure excitement.  Today I dove for the first time and visited a new world, parts of which have never been witnessed by man kind.  I felt stupendous after my two dives of the day.  My feeling while SCUBA diving was wondrous, and the fish and coral amazed me.  

The peak of my wondrous feeling happened half way down our descent to the sandy bottom of the ocean.  I felt free and strong in the vast world of water.  I looked bellow me and saw swarms of fish, ecosystems, and what I perceived to be personalities.  Call me crazy, but while I was on the sandy bottom, I thought I could see the fish that disliked each other and the ones who were bonded friends.  I could see the alpha fish and the shy ones.  I personally appreciated that I was a guest in another world of beings.  I wish we could see what really goes on below the waves.  Once at the bottom, I floated around and took in the overwhelming soul of the ocean life.

My feelings in the ocean were just some of the astounding expects of diving.  Through out both dives, I saw incredible fish and coral.  We saw large and beautiful parrot fish and stunning trigger fish.  When I looked under coral, and in every nook and cranny, I saw deadly poisonous lion fish and innocent tiny fish taking shelter in the reef.  We even saw a group of clown fish swimming around an anemone.  The coral was breathtaking.  It seemed like something from a science fiction movie.  Huge masses of color with patterns ranging in size from micro to the size of a human. 

The ocean is an amazing place.  I experienced crazy feelings of euphoria and discovered stunning marine life.  Tomorrow, after two more dives, we will become certified Open Water Divers and will experience the joy of the water again.

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