Friday, August 19, 2011

We Miss you Dad!

Early this morning, Dad and the crew left the clinic for 3 to 5 days.  The crew consists of Phunsok, one of the Tibetan doctors, Wambao, one of the translators, and Dawn, an RN from Boulder.  They will be visiting three health clinics in this region.  At each clinic they will invite the docs and potential community health workers to come to a health festival on September 6th, here at our clinic.  The point of the festival is to recruit more community health workers (Tibetan women trained to help women in childbirth to lower the infant and maternal mortality rate).  Visiting three clinics will take three to five days because of the bumpy, dirt roads and the high mountain passes.  Also (see in “Our Journey from Jiegu Town to Surmang” post) getting gas may be a big problem... Left at the clinic are Mom and I, Droga (the other Tibetan doctor), and Drolma, (the other translator.)  I am looking forward to some “one on one” time with Mom when Dad’s gone.



The first thing mom and I did today, was start to create a Camera Obscura.  This is a box with only one small pin hole for light.  If you point the pin hole into the sun light, an image of outside will appear, upside down, on the opposite side of the box.  In order to view this amazing experiment, you must put a dark cloth around your head and the box,  so no more light will seep in.  We came across this idea in a National Geographic magazine.  A photographer made a Camera Obscura, but the whole room was the box.  He first put dark plastic over the windows on a sunny day.  Then, he cut a dime sized hole in the plastic, and watched as the opposite wall exploded with the upside down reflection of the scene outside.

In the middle of making the Camera Obsocra, we were distracted by the guitar.  I learned my first song on the guitar ever!  From beginning to end, “Yellow Submarine”!  I plan to surprise Dad with the song when he comes home!

Today, I want to congratulate our first unknown follower from Istanbul, Esra.  We think that Huseyin and Dilek passed on the word.  If so, thanks a lot!  Peter, to answer your question, we have not gotten sick on the trip, only a few belly cramps from not drinking enough water.  Since we’ve been chugging down more water, we’ve all been feeling better.  Vicky, to answer your question, we do not even get Tibetan news let alone English news!  We only have slow Internet on rare occasions, when the power is on.  And, John, to answer your question, as many degrees of separation between me and potential followers as you can get!  And to everybody else, I love the comments.  Thanks!  Please spread the word!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!                     


  1. Hi Rohan

    Yes we are passing on the word Esra is a collegaue of mine. Keep the stories coming

  2. Very interesting saga, we enjoy reading about your adventures. If you can get a photo of a Snow Leporad, that would be amazing. Walt Jaap

  3. Rohan,
    It's sooooooo good to read your blogs!
    Yellow Submarine? It takes me back to hearing a very young Peter play that over and over on his little brown phonograph. Or was it Catherine or Andrew, or all three kids? Nice to know that you are adding guitar to your many talents.
    Your Aunt Karen will visit us this weekend. We wanted to go swimming in Lake Travis, but there is little water in the lake, and what water there is, is 87 degrees. Instead we will go to an air conditioned museum or two. One museum has an exhibit of Frieda Kahlo paintings, and we may rent the movie "Frieda" tomorrow evening. Austin has now had more than 60 days of over 100 degree temps this summer. A few more days will be a record!
    Love, Grandma

  4. Hi Rohan - I have been reading your blog since Day#1 but have been unable to post a comment. Walt Jaap has hopefully solved the mystery for me. What a wonderful journey you are having!! I'm so proud of you for eating all of the new foods and you seem to enjoy them all. Much love, Grandmalish

  5. With Dad gone away,
    Mom and Rohan will play.
    Experiments with light,
    Or musics delight?
    It matters not what they choose,
    They're still getting no news!

  6. Chopper, I love your hilarious, reliable poems! They leave the three of us in laughter.

    Grandma Lish, glad you figured out how to post!

    Walt, Thanks for joining the world-wide crew. If we're lucky, I'll definitely take a picture of a snow leopard for you.

    Grandma Doris, Wow, and I'VE been complaining about the heat!

    Dilek, how is Istanbul? We sure had a fun time!

    Rohan Geographic