Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Motorbikes and More

Today, I started to do my math when I was interrupted by a request.  Wambao wanted me to take a day trip with him on the back of his motorbike.  We had to visit a school in the far away village of Tsokie, and give the kids a basketball.  In this region, there are very few stores and resources.  We have, at the clinic, many basketballs and other sports equipment.  I was excited to ride the motorbike and give the kids something they needed.

Yaks fighting

Yak dung for fuel
A little while along our journey, we stopped for lunch at Wambao's friend's house.  They spoke only Tibetan, so I do not know her name.  She is a CHW (Community Health Worker) and works with the doctors at the clinic.  She cooked for us greens and baked fresh, delicious bread.  We ate in her Tibetan house with wooden pillars for a roof.  We sat on carpets decorated with dragons.  I loved the experience, and soon we were on our way.

We eventually made it to the school, and delivered the ball.  The kids asked us to play and we got our butts kicked.  We played half court with four players on a team.  The Tibetan kids were my age, between 10 and 13.  The kids played roughly with pushing, shoving, and many fouls.  We still had a blast.  We bought some sodas from the school store and headed home. 

On the way back to the clinic, we ran into Wanbo's friend again.  We sat by the water in a vast grass land and talked with her.  Wanbo then taught me how to ride the motor bike.  First, he had me pull a lever on the handle and push a button.  The motorbike vibrated and the engine started.  I then twisted the handle and the bike accelerated.  In order to shift gears, I pushed down on a foot lever.  The bike had four gears.  I drove the bike along the grassland over bumpy mounds of grass and dirt.  I also drove a little bit on the road.  I found it more scary driving on the deserted dirt road.  But, it was easy as there were practically no cars.  I had a blast! 

We made it home safely.  It gave me a sense of independence to have an adventure with out my parents. Back at home, Mom made me bathe and wash my hair with a basin of water in a small shack behind the clinic.   Now, I am hungry for dinner.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Wow! What a day -- big time adventure. There is a saying in street basketball "no blood, no foul". Hopefully there were no fouls! I especially got a kick out of the photo of the yak dung "huts".

  2. Smelly smelly smelly, yak dung huts are smelly. And the basketball hoop is so high!

    Fouling in basketball? I suck so bad that I think I foul every time I am near the ball!

    Great pictures Rohan