Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Math for Me

Today, I had an extra amount of school work on my list.  I took few pictures today, and dedicated my day to school. 

While I was working, my mom and dad figured out how to Skype.  This was important to us because many of our close friends use Skype.  We first downloaded Skype onto the iPad, the decided to test it by Skyping Peter, Mom's brother.  The time in California (where Peter lives) was ten a’clock at night, but we did not realize this until after we Skyped him.  His gracious spouse, Tatjana, answered the call.  We were all glad that we did not wake them up.  The iPad had poor speakers, so she couldn't hear us.  So we had to download Skype again onto the laptop, and call them again.  The second time we had success, we were able to talk to Tatjana.

After my parents finished their Skype work, they journeyed off to fix the shower.  Actually, it is more like an outside shower room.  In order to bathe, we have to take a basin and dump water over ourselves, soap up, then rinse off with more water from the basin.  The floor is made out of all bricks and grass.  Before Mom and Dad cleaned the room, it was in pretty bad condition.  My parents put a handle on the door and attached clothes hangers. They also fixed the tarp on the wall, and created a path to the shower room.
The Shower Room 

Inside the Shower Room

By the time my parents finished, it was already time to settle down and write my blog.  So I did not have the greatest day, but my parents got a lot of things done.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. What? No bathtub? What kind of hotel is that?

    Hopefully Skype with y'all tonight!

  2. Hi Rohan,

    I love your photo of the shower door. Good work! I also love keeping upmwith your travels. Be well, we miss you, hugs to all, and keep writing!


  3. Ahh come on! Math is fun! The only bad day is a day without math!

    Fractions fractions fractions, Rohan's doing fractions. Harder now he's using Base Eight. When he gets to seven, he's nearly at eleven. He's learned to skip two numbers, that's great!

    (btw, first time with lyrics that use so much of the Rawhide song. Need some applause for this. Who's got the laugh track?)