Monday, August 22, 2011

Go Fly a Kite

This morning I started my day with a long load of work.  I had to complete 100 pages of reading and a lesson of math.  My book is getting really good, and I am loving laying in my bed and getting lost in the story.  The story intrigues me with its mixture of fantasy, magic, and battles between trolls and humans.

I finished up my work, excited to go outside and fly my kite.  In Amsterdam, Dad bought a big sport kite and we have only used it once or twice.  We decided to take it out today because the wind was strong.  The first time we flew it we realized that the kite was dangerous.  The kite has two strings and hand holds.  By moving your hands, one can keep the kite steady or make it dive.  When the kite dives, it sometimes hits the ground.  This does not happen gently.  In Amsterdam, we flew the kite on a beach and the kite dive bombed an old lady.  Today the kite crashed hard and almost hit a couple of young monks. 

After we flew the kite, I played guitar with my dad.  We started out playing in the kitchen. The hardest part of playing for me is being watched.  When people come up to me and smile and watch me play, I feel self conscious.  I find this a challenge, to over come my fear and shyness. 

After playing guitar for a while, I went out with Martin to fly the kite again but there was no wind.  Later, Dad and I went down to the river to play more guitar.  He taught me a couple more songs.  I am chasing after Dad with my guitar playing.  I hope I get calluses some time soon. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!    

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  1. Playing guitar? Fantastic! Do you feel more/less self-conscious with the guitar than when you sing?