Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Day at Our Relaxing Clinic

This morning, I had a little bit of math to do, but not much compared to the last two days.  I only had to complete one hundred pages of reading and one lesson of math.  Before doing my work, we tried Skype again.  We had a lovely video chat with Grandma Doris (Mom's mom).  Later, when we tried Grandma Lish (Dad’s mom) we could not hear each other.  In spite of having some trouble with Skyping Grandma Lish, we are all impressed with the technology of the new program.  The Tibetans, especially, are impressed with Skype.  They are not used to computers, and they love to come in and interact with the person on the other end.  They smile, wave, squeeze together in front of the camera, and laugh. 

When I had finished my math, I went outside to fly a kite with my mom and dad.  We tried, but there was no wind.  Martin came along and we all sat down on the grass and talked about boring adult things.  Finally, we played a game of two on two soccer.  The score was six  (Martin and me) to eleven (Mom and Dad).  Dad eventually said “Next goal wins!”  I shot the ball from the side right between Mom and Dad into a little corner of unblocked goal. 


After we had our play, we decided to test out our shower.  Mom and Dad brought a bucket of cold water up from the river, which we mixed together with two thermoses of hot water from the kitchen.  This we poured in the bucket connected to the shower on the roof of the shower room.  Mom and I took showers, but we ran out of water before Dad's turn.  To obtain the needed water for his shower, Dad brought up, not only one bucket of water, but two full buckets from the river.  He did this using the traditional bamboo sling.  Dad realized that bringing water up from the river is a lot of hard work.  Pansi and Ocho bring up water from the river in this manner two or three times a day!  Initially, when we mixed the hot and cold water, we discovered a leak in the shower bucket.  So, we all switched positions after every shower;  one person helped the person in the shower, the other person covered the crack in the bucket with a hand to prevent too much leakage.   

Dad, the Tibetan Lady

We were all hungry for dinner at this point, and ran into the kitchen for some good food.  We ate some doughy and delicious noodles made by Droga.  Another dinner came and went in the peaceful clinic among the beautiful, rolling hills of Tibet.

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  1. Boy that is a lot of work to take a shower. Why not just do it at the hotel? Then you would have hot and cold running water, fresh towels, etc. Your way seems like a bit of a hassle....

  2. Very funny Chopper! Nearly snarfed some milk!

    Bathing bathing bathing. Alot of work for bathing. Fetching pails before we begin.
    The water is so heavy, we're getting very sweaty, and we will need to shower again!