Sunday, August 21, 2011

Basketball Head

This morning I got up and read some of my current book,  “Sea of Trolls.”  This book is downloaded on my iPad and I miss looking at an actual book.  On the iPad, it is hard to read for a long time.  My brain gets all fuzzy and tired after several hours of looking at the screen.  With a book, one is not looking at a screen and the paper feels more soulful.  I am enjoying my current book, a fantasy about the battle between trolls and humans, and I find it very exciting.

Today, as an additional difficulty to my reading, Droga’s two year old daughter wanted to play with me.  Drolma Laka is practically obsessed with me.  She calls me her brother in Tibetan, “Aou”.  Whenever she sees me she follows me around.  Today, she came into my room with a non-inflated basketball.   She was wearing the ball on her head, and using it as a drum.  She was hilarious but it was hard to get my work done.

Drolma Laka
For the rest of the day, I played guitar.  Mom taught Drolma and me for five whole hours.  Drolma learned a Russian folk song, and I learned “Angle from Montgomery.”   We took turns practicing and learning from Mom.  We both now know six chords: A, D, E, Em, C, and G. 

Drolma Jams!
This evening, Dad and the crew, came home from their long journey.  They stocked up on produce and peppers from Jeigu Town.  The peppers in these parts taste amazing!  They are spicy, but not so spicy that you cannot taste the flavor.  I played “Yellow Submarine” and “Angel from Montgomery” for Dad.  He is impressed with my two songs, and says that we can play together.  That will be very fun! 

Tonight Pansi and Ocho baked the usual batch of delicious bread.  I have already had five pieces.  I should not have said that because dad is looking at this...

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!                      


  1. The basketball hat picture is hilarious! Nice work with the guitar -- when you get back we can jam!

  2. Congrats on bending it like Beckham - its all a matter of the crowd. Don't challenge them to a meditating session.
    'Hiking the TAR' was a great blog. You are doing a fantastic job putting photos to text. Are you riding those horses? I once asked a horse for a kiss and she threw me. Quite a surprise if someone there ask you over to spend some time in their Yak room. Don't plan on a lot of conversation.
    Camera Obscure pretty much sums up difference between Plato and Aristotle. J, P, G and Ringo were the philosophers of my time but really..'We all live in a yellow submarine.'
    Loved the dog story but had to leave the computer for five minutes...Too bad about the Joker..sad, sad story.
    My assessment: Drolma Laka is a genius!!!
    Not sure I can get Kevin Bacon but trying..