Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Day

This morning I tackled a math test directly after breakfast.  To my great surprise, I scored 95%!  The most stressful part of taking home school tests, is watching my mom or dad score my test.  At this part of the procedure I normally leave the room.  In regular school, my teacher corrects the test after I leave for the day. 

Whenever I pass a math test, I always get a special treat, thanks to an idea from my super dad.  This time, for my special treat, mom let me watch “The Dark Night” (Batman).  The joker is such a good actor!  He creeps me out even in the day! 

We did not get to see the end of the movie, because we had to go help the women at the clinic.  They were pulling weeds from the ground to clear an area for tents, in which people will be sleeping when the festival happens next month (see last blog). During a rest break, Drolma, our translator, gave me a piece of plant that one can chew as gum.  To me the gum tasted bitter and gross.  While we were weeding, Droga’s 1 year old approached some dogs.  She was wearing a pair of overhauls with an opening in the bottom area.  She squatted and pooped and the dog ate her waste.  Wow, I have never seen anything like that in the U.S.A.!  That, is the first reason you should never pet any of the dogs here!

Dogs in this area are mostly wild.  They are not feed very much, only food scraps from people’s homes and other waste products.  At night time, the dogs are very aggressive.  There are stories of the dogs surrounding and wounding people.  Yesterday a man came to the clinic with a bad dog bite on his arm.  Only one word to say about that:  ouch!   

This evening, Pansi and Ocho, the housekeepers, made a new batch of bread.  We also received some yak yogurt from one of Phunsuk’s relatives.  Tibetans have an interesting custom of how to eat yogurt.  They tilt the bowl and lick the yogurt from the from the far side of the bowl. 

Tonight mom and I are going to finish “The Dark Night.”   

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!           


  1. Really interesting how you go from the modern (watching a movie on a laptop) to the not-so-modern (much of the rest of life in the village). the bread looks yummy!

  2. Hey Rohan!
    The dogs there sound like the opposite of modern day dogs, canines that ride in purses and help the blind and guard people. Great job on your math test... I wish I could get that on every test! The bread looks very, very delicious.