Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Search for Good Quality Restaurant

This morning I slept in until 1:30PM.  My record before this was probably around 11:30 or 12:00. The reason I got this amazing privilege, was that my parents think we need some time to relax.  We will be staying in Beijing for six more days.  In these six days I will be also doing some math and reading.  Next Wednesday, we will fly to a city close to Surmang called Yushu. Then, we will take a five hour drive from Yushu to our health clinic in Surmang.

For our breakfast we had to be quick or we might miss the restaurant's lunch hours...  We found an interesting Thai restaurant in the hotel complex.  First let me say, that we ate from Abalone shells, and used a leaf as our place mat.  The waiters were wearing sequined Thai costumes, and we rested our chopsticks on a snail shell.  The whole restaurant was made into a total Thai scene. We sat on low chairs and stools, with murals and buddhas all around us. The menu was three feet by six inches and weighed about five pounds.  It was full of love and harmony poems.  Some things on the menu were very expensive, like a pot of tea for two hundred bucks!  Wow I could get a game system for that!  When the food came, it was presented amazingly.  For example, our dessert was served in a small wooden tree bowl inside a larger bowl.  Under the small bowl, hot water and dry ice made a chemical reaction causing the dessert to steam and smoke like a witches caldron.  We did not order very much, payed fifty dollars, and left hungry!        

After breakfast I did school work, while mom and dad did computer stuff.  Dealing with computers is tricky in China, because the government blocks hundreds of sites that are threatening to the government.  Some examples are blogger, google, and wikipedia. There is one way to get around these blocks.  You can buy an application called Strong VPN.  It changes the I.D. code of the computer, so your computer thinks you are not in China.  Locals use this program to have total freedom online.  We could not buy this application, though: China has recently blocked all sights that have anything to do with VPN.  For my parents, this was extremely frustrating.

When all work was over, we left the hotel complex to seek out a good quality dinner.  We found a place that fit with our restaurant rules: no English on the menu, people eating, and a place we have not yet visited.  The restaurant was a discrete "hole in the wall".  The food was amazing, and It was very low priced. The people were also super friendly!  We ordered a lot, paid twelve dollars, and left stuffed.

We have come back to our hotel, and I am writing my blog while my parents are working with the frustrating internet.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. The restaurant stories are guys are reminding me of the cowboy Panda who goes into a bar and eats shoots and leaves..
    Looking forward to seeing pics of the clinic..
    In AK you are only missing rainy days and one of biggest red runs ever..

  2. Hey Rohan-
    Just got back from Talkeetna and first thing we did was sign in to read your blog! Morgan just got back from her year as and exchange student in Norway. She is spending the last days of summer working in Stacie and Troy's new gallery in Talkeenta. In the meantime Lily has literally run off with the circus! We cant keep up with all of you! We showed
    Dave your blog so should be hearing from some of them soon too!

    The food sounds wonderful, continue to love your pics and imaging all you are experiencing. Transport round the world sound fun and harrowing! I seem to notice a pattern...somehow am always hungry after your blog...

  3. Hungry, maybe, but never sleepy....1:30pm??? When are you going to bed?

  4. John,
    thanks for your comment, I am glad that we are not missing any good weather.

  5. Dear Dan and Deanna,

    Thanks for your sweet comment. As a matter of fact we were just agreeing that we all are still very hungry.