Thursday, August 25, 2011

Math Again

This morning we started our day with the Khora.  For those who do not remember, the Khora is a ritual in which one walks around a Stupa. The Stupa next to our clinic, is a row of five or six white stone monuments with Buddha inscriptions and colorful prayer flags.  We walked six times around and had a family conversation about our homesickness and taboo topics.  I would tell you more about this... but it is taboo.  After walking the Khora, I had another full load of work on my hands.  I had to complete two lessons of math, 100 pages of reading, word of the day, and organize my sleeping area. 

My parents took me to lunch at the restaurant across the road.  The restaurant is owned by the monks from the monastery.  The building has two rooms.  The first room is a dirty, unorganized, shop, selling candies, and what appears to me as junk.  The next room has tables, decorated with traditional Tibetan signs and furniture.  We sat on decorative Tibetan carpets.  We were served noodles and bread.  I found the noodles tasty and the bread interesting and cold.

View from Restaurant Door
Our Noodle Soup
Droga (foreground) and the Cook
The Kitchen
The Kitchen Shelves

Towards the end of the day, my dad tried Skype again.  This time he manged to call his mom, Grandma Lish, on her home phone.  We had a lovely conversation with my Grandma.  We then tried to connect with her computer.  We had a video connection but we could not hear anything.  By the way Grandma, in what place are the Rays in their division?

Tonight, Dad and I are going to watch some episodes of Jonny Quest.  We also will play some of my beloved game,  Infinity Blade.     

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Hi Rohan - Wow, it worked!! It was wonderful to hear your voices this morning and then to see you on the computer!! I'll try to figure out why the microphone didn't work. BTW, the Rays are in 3rd place behind the dreaded Yankees and Red Sox. Love reading about your adventures. Stay healthy! Much love, Grandmalish

  2. Rohan,
    I'm glad you have Skype, but sorry to have missed your Mom's call.
    We are here! W e were taking out the garbage can for collection tomorrow. I have been busy getting my duplex ready to rent. Lucky me, I have new renters before the old renter's lease runs out. Hope to talk with you soon.
    Love, Grandma Doris

  3. Khora khora khora. Our day starts with the Khora. Walk around a Stupa for kicks! Having conversations, we won't share with relations, making circuits not once, but six!

    (now that is something!)