Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Computers, Pool, and Trampoline

This morning after breakfast, we were picked up by Bebe. Bebe is the assistant to Lee, the organizer of the Surmang Health Clinic. Surmang is a small village near the border with Tibet. Our family is going to Surmang to volunteer with the clinic. My parents spent the day with Lee and Bebe talking about the clinic. I spent the day with Lee's son Joseph, who saved me from being bored to tears. We played on his computer for half of the time. The rest of the time we were at the pool, eating ice cream, and jumping on the trampoline. After my parents were done, Bebe then drove us back to our hotel.

When we arrived back at our hotel, It was already dinner time. We decided to eat at the same place we ate last night. The food was again good. When we finished dinner, my parents left me in the hotel room to write my blog, while they did emails, down in the lobby. Do not tell my parents this, but I think we might watch a movie tonight.

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