Wednesday, August 31, 2011

People, People, Holy People

In the morning, Martin picked me up to teach English again in the local Monastery.  We walked up the beautifully decorated stairway to the Meditation room.  Tibetan decorations consist of many bright colors and icons.  In the meditation room, the kids sat on long strips of carpet decorated with dragons and symbols.  Today, all of the kids were surprisingly focused.  Martin said that today we would let the young monks paint.  Like in the U.S.A, I could tell a big difference between the kids who had previous training and kids who had never painted before.  Some kids drew sloppy Tibetan men and women, or the sun, but others drew beautiful flowers with perfect color composition, and eagles with perfectly sketched wings.  Like yesterday, I had lunch with the monks.  Lunch consisted of potatoes, rice, noodles, and cabbage.  The food was relatively good, and I left with a full belly. 

I returned to the clinic to find a note from my mom and dad saying that they had gone on a hike and that they would be back at 4:00 PM.  While they were gone, I was to do one and a half lessons of math and 60 pages of reading.  I am currently reading a fantasy, called The Sea of Trolls, that enthralls me with it’s battles with dragons and it’s superb vocabulary. 

While I was working, a big white mini van pulled up into the drive way.  Suddenly commotion burst out outside of the clinic.  Lee and his crew had arrived...  I held my breath from fear when the huge group stormed into the clinic.  The gang had arrived for the health festival.  Also, Dawn, Drolma, and Phunsok arrived from their journey to recruit CHWs.  Once everybody had settled down, we had a big dinner of peppers and many other delicious foods. 

After dinner we Skyped with my dad’s mom.  She is a dog breeder and her champion dog is pregnant!  Congratulations GrandmaLish!  She also told me that a group of school kids my age are reading my blog in St Petersburg, Florida.  I am super excited that you guys are reading!  I look forward to your comments.


Thank you for reading Rohan geographic!



  1. holy people batman ?
    or monks are holy people?

    if i had a tardis i would see you yesterday and tomorrow, today.