Monday, August 29, 2011

The Busy Day

Today, we happily slept in until 9:00, and ate a filling breakfast of eggs and potatoes.  My dad burned the eggs, but they still tasted good.  The day ahead involved teaching the monks English, playing soccer, helping getting ready for the festival, a math test, and a party.

Teaching the young monks with Martin was fun, but they were super hard to teach.  Like last time, they were rough housing, or not paying attention, through the whole class.  They were lying down on the traditional dragon carpets, and some of them actually fell asleep.  We started the class with meditation, though that took too much focus for most kids.  After the lesson, he kids invited us for lunch, and I was lead into a smokey room with a pot of potatoes and noodles.  I took a bowl full, and sat with Martin and the other monks on the steps of the monastery.  I loved the food and was impressed with the kindness of the young monks to invite me for lunch.

After teaching, I came home to read my book.  It was a sunny, bright day and more young monks were playing soccer outside.  My super mom sent me outside to play.  The game was fun and I kicked butts.  I scored 4 or 5 goals, against the four players on the opposite team.  Alas, towards the end of the game, I slipped and hit my head hard and came home dizzy. 

When I came home from playing soccer, we took time to prepare for the festival.  Mom and Dad were cutting grass to form paths, and at the end of the paths, Tibetans were setting up tents.  The rest of the gang were moving beds into the tents.  One Tibetan lady, Atchey, was sprinkling water on to the dirt floor, we think to get rid of the dust and make it easier to sweep.  We caught wind that Lee and his crew are arriving tomorrow!  They were supposed to come two days later, and this is a big change for all of us. 

Tent Being Set Up with Beds

When I had finished helping out in the clinic it was time to go on to real work.  I had my fourth math test of the season.  My dad told me that if I completed my math test, above 90%, I would be allowed Infinity Blade In the middle of the sunny day.  Well....I scored 95% on my test!

When evening came, we had a party celebrating our last night as a small group. 
Attending the party were Wambao, Droga, Martin, Atchey and Ocho, and the toddlers: Drolma Laka and Tensing Chudren.  Missing were Pansi, who was with her sister who just gave birth, and Drolma and Dawn, who were away recruiting CHWs.  We all sang songs from all of our different cultures.  I played my first guitar song in public, “Helpless.”    Because of my great test, we watched TRON Legacy after the party. 

Dinner Party
Droma Laka and Tensing Chudren
Watching Droga, Wamboa, and Ocho doing Tibetan Dance

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  1. Wow - what a day! Do you have a little more sympathy for your teachers after your experience in the classroom? Nice work on the soccer field and congrats on your math test!

  2. Chopper,
    Actually, I have a yearning to go back to regular school so I can be with my friends!

    Rohan Geographic

  3. Where do the eggs come from? Are they local Yak eggs? Or from chickens in Yushu?

  4. Yaks eggs???? Go refresh your bio, bro! The chicken eggs are from Yushu, where all our food comes from....