Friday, August 26, 2011

Motorbikes, the Sequel!

Today I woke up excited that my work schedule only included one hundred pages of reading and my word of the day.   Since I did not have very much work, I asked Wambao If he wanted to go for another motor bike ride.  He kindly said yes, and would go with me after some supplies arrived at the clinic.    The supplies included mattresses and comforters for people coming to the upcoming health festival. While we were waiting for Wambao, my uncle Peter Skyped us, and we introduced him to all the members of the clinic.

To pass the time waiting for the supplies, we did some more work on the shower room.  On the roof of the room there is a bucket with a hose connected to a shower head. To take a shower,  you fill the bucket with hot water and use the shower head and valve.  This has not been used for awhile, so we thought that the bucket would be filled with gross water.  Not to our surprise, in the bucket was a dead bird, mold and algae.  I came up with the idea of taping a cup to a stick and using it as a ladle to fish the dirty water out.  Soon after, the supply truck arrived, I helped unload supplies, and Wambao and I were on our way.

Our first stop was the same place where we had lunch on my last motorbike trip.  We had to get Dawn’s (the nurse health worker from Boulder) sunglasses.  She had left them there on her journey with Wambao yesterday.  After lunch, we were invited into Wambao's friend's tent.  She lives, cooks and sleeps in the tent.  All around us were his friend's yaks. We then headed into the TAR (Tibetan Autonomous Region) only to find that we were almost out of gas.  We made it back to a neighboring village where we ran out of gas, thankfully near a mud house where we could buy an old beer bottle full of gas.  We had one problem; Wambao had already used up his cash on two sodas and a phone call.  He luckily found a five Yuan note in his back pocket, and we were saved.
Wambao's Friend
Inside the Tent
When we got home, Dad, Mom and I played guitar down by the river.  We had some monks come down and watch us play.  One young monk, named Suna Ladja, examined our iPad and guitars.  My parents had met this boy before and told me he was extremely into learning English.  For dinner tonight, the supply truck had dropped of the heavenly hot peppers.  I just had a spicy dinner of peppers and rice and am going to watch a movie with my Dad and Mom tonight.

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  1. I go to the rooftop
    and clean the bucket of swill,
    but still close my mouth in the shower,
    lest I become ill.

  2. Nice poem! This is a very stinky process we are talking about. I love hearing from you.
    Keep the comments coming!

    Rohan Geographic!

  3. Great picture with Wambao by the river. Pretty!