Monday, August 1, 2011

Off to a New Country

Today is the first day of a Muslim holiday called Ramadan.  This holiday lasts for nearly a whole month.  When Ramadan starts and ends has nothing to do with the calendar.  It has everything to do with the cycle of the moon.  It starts on a new moon and ends on the full moon.  Muslims older than sixteen will fast the whole day, and at the evening call to prayer they will party and eat almost all night.  Sadly, we will be leaving before tonight's party.  

Today we walked to a palace where sultans lived for 600 years.  It was called Topkapi Palace.  The Palace was mostly outside, so I was very hot.  The inside rooms were mostly made into tiny museums.  One of the museums contained Moses's rod and David's sword.  We found this a little hard to believe, but we still found it quite Interesting.  

When we got home from our walk to the palace, Dad and I took another walk to a nearby Turkish bath. When we arrived at the building, we walked down a stair case to a room with closets to change your clothes.  We took of our clothes and wrapped a cloth around our waists then we walked into a complex of many small rooms.  Then we were taken into a room where we were massaged, scrubbed, and soaped. After the bath, we walked home and waited for Huseyin and Dilek to pick us up and take us to the airport.i am writing this from a a Turkish airport waiting to board a flight to Beijing.  I have building anticipation to explore a new country. 

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