Monday, June 20, 2011

The Somnolent Day

This morning, I woke up to my mom roaming around the room at 7:00.  I dozed for another hour and was then woken up intentionally by her.  Its funny, though.   She wakes me up so sweetly, and yet I am going through great pain.  I wouldn’t get up, so Mom eventually gave up and left me to go have breakfast.  I eventually got out of bed,  though I was very somnolent the rest of the morning.  Unfortunately, my sleepiness kept me from having a very good day.

We started biking in the late morning after touring a palace in Grein.  When we had biked for a while we found an old castle ruin.  This castle was supposed to be haunted by a ghost that is rarely seen, and only comes out at the full moon.  I think that story is a load of poppycock.  The castle ruin was really interesting.  The most fascinating thing about it was that one of the towers had been accessed by a big outside staircase back in the day.  The staircase has worn down and now you have to climb up the wall to get to the doorway that is about 10 meters high.  None of us made it.  For now, only the birds know what is inside the castle tower.

After touring the castle, and biking several more miles, we had to bike up a huge hill to get to our hotel.  It was 6 kilometers long.  I have never biked a hill that long.  I couldn’t take any pictures because it was too strenuous of a ride.  When I got up to the top, I felt proud of myself for accomplishing such a big hill.  It was really good weather to bike in, not sunny but also not too cold.   After reaching the top, we still had to go a little farther to get to our hotel.  The good news was that most of the final push was down hill, with only occasional up hills.    When we got to the hotel I was relieved that the long day was over. 

I’m really tired now, and want to go to bed.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Without more sleep,
    The hills feel too steep.
    Though I might not get fed,
    I need to stay in my bed.
    My body needs rest,
    or I won't pass the test.
    So cut me some slack,
    and let me snooze on my back!

  2. Hi Rohan - I hope you get some sleep pretty soon. It sounds as if you are running out of gas! It's a wonderful trip, tho' and I love reading your blog every day. Have fun. Love, Grandmalish

  3. sleep when your not on a magnificent adventure.

  4. I hope you guys understand how much I need sleep.
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Dear Rohan,
    I love your blog and the emails I received from your sweet Mom.
    The new UT email server is not working properly and I am not getting her emails promptly. I need to complain to the Help Desk, but haven't yet. I keep hoping they will get their act together without my help!
    I don't understand your sleep problem. What happened to your "go to sleep late and wake up early" pattern? Are you turning into a teenager like Andrew who was hard to wake up in the mornings (especially school mornings)?
    I like the pic of you in the castle "window".
    Love, Grandma Doris

  6. Biking biking biking. Rohan is a biking. (sung to the tune of Rawhide)