Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Berlin day 1

 In the morning I woke up to my mom's showering.  I had almost woke up myself and was sleeping lightly when she woke me up.  We skipped breakfast in the morning. We had to get to the train station.  We were actually too concerned about getting there early.  We had to wait for an hour for our train.  I could have slept  more!

When we got on the train I had a few minutes to stow my gear  for the long trip.  The train ride was six hours.  Wow what a ride!  Anyway, after I got settled I did some math.  I am doing pretty well in math this year.  My only problem is that I forget details, like dollar signs, or decimals.  After I did math for about 3 hours we explored the train for a bit.  The dining car is really fancy. It has big blue seats with golden rims.  I decided to order some food from the grouchy women behind the marble desk.  I wanted to see what it feels like eating in the dining car.  It's pretty fun.  After eating I did some reading. That was my train ride, pretty dang boring.   

When we arrived at Berlin, we were greeted by another close friend.  We will be staying with him and his name is Bill.  My mom has known  him since  forth grade.  He lives in another flat.  The flat is really harlequin with all its bright colors.  It even has a green bathroom.

After Bill showed us the place we went to dinner.  I really liked the restaurant.  The food was really good quality.  The waitress was really patient with me and my German.  She was also very pretty.  Ich moechte ein milkshake.  That means May I have a milkshake. Ich moechte noch ein milk shake.  That means may I have another milkshake.

After dinner, Bill told us of a cool walk we could do that would only take 5-10 minutes.  We stopped at this awesome park with a swing set.  These swings were different though.  They were that flat kind where the seat is usually made out of wood.  The thing is, these swings were made from steel. We walked for about 20 minutes.  We all laughed and had a fun time until we got home from our walk.

I hope I will like Berlin as much as I did Amsterdam.  I think it might be like apples and oranges.  No city is better than the other.  I like what I have seen of Berlin so far,  though Amsterdam is hard to beat. Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. harlequin ? wow.
    hello Rohan, i have been home from china for a few days now. i had a great trip. i am so envious of you traveling the world at such a young age. i did not leave the u.s.a. until after i was thirty y/o.
    ahhh trains, i love trains, my favorite and German trains are very nice. photos photos photos, you must take photos all the time. it is a good practice to keep you camera handy at all times. it will help you in remembering your journey long after it over. i think Rohangeo is a smashing success, can i have a job as photo editor?
    i have posted my china photos on my smugmug pages. your parents have my email address if you have any photo questions or need anything from Alaska.
    remember, the heart of the inspiration for rohangeographic was national geographic and natgeo is the story of coarse but the story is told with words and a lot of photos.

    take care my friend and take photos.

  2. Alright! Some language lessons! Now I know a little more German! Basically, my German skills come from watching Hogan's Heroes. Stalag, Schnel, ja, nein, seisse (that means 'darn' which I got from my German footballer teammates ha!), and bahnhofstrasse.