Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amsterdam day 6

Today I am happy to say that no one woke me up in the morning.  That does not mean that I was not tired.  In fact, I was too tired to eat breakfast.  I just lay on the couch and dozed.  After mom, dad, and David ate breakfast, my parents walked to the phone shop to ask some questions.  (We acquired new phones from Maren, but they were not working.)  I was left at home to do school work.  When mom and dad came home, we were off to see the Anne Frank House.

When we got to the Anne Frank House, we waited in line for about 25 minutes.  Considering the reputation of the museum, the line was very short.  When we got inside, they showed us the exact rooms where Anne's family and friends hid out.  It was extremely sad and horrific what happened to the Jews.  The most interesting thing about the museum was Anne's actual diary.  I was fascinated that she touched what I was seeing in front of me.  It made the Anne Frank Diary that I am reading even more personal.
Anne Frank's sister, Margot

After the Anne Frank House, we returned our rental bikes because we are leaving for Berlin tomorrow.  When we got to the bike rental shop we were sad to be giving up our bikes. We had to walk for the rest of the day.  I guess there are some advantages to walking.  We got to see the fascinating city of Amsterdam more closely because we were moving more slowly.  We paid the bike guy and we were off!    

Things you see when you slow down.
This was built in 1509

Our next destination was a pancake house.  We were all in the mood for yummy Dutch pancakes.  The hard part was finding the pancake house.  We asked tons of people but we could just not find a pancake house.  When we finally found a pancake house.  We ordered 4 pancakes:  cheese and ham, mushroom, and pineapple.  For dessert we had an ice cream pancake. Yum!

After that, my parents, David, and I went to a spa.  The thing about the spa was that it was the same spa that my mom and David went to 10 years ago.  It had a new invention that was called an infrared sauna.  The infrared is supposed to ease your muscles.  We did not understand how the infrared effects your body, so we decided to stay out of that sauna.

After the spa we went to the grocery store.  We needed stuff for breakfast tomorrow.  We also needed sandwichs for our trian to Berlin tomorrow.  Dad is going to make sandwiches for all of us.  How nice of him.  David also needed some pepsi.  Once we were all geared up, we set back to the house.

So this is my last day in Amsterdam.  I think Amsterdam is special.  I will miss this awesome city.  I will miss our nice flat also.  Berlin will be fun.  I am excited to see Checkpoint Charlie.  I wonder where we will stay in Berlin.  Hopefully somewhere nice.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!   


  1. Rohan, I am so much enjoying your blog. What an interesting time you all are having. I have read much about courageous Anne Frank and think it was special that you got to see where she and her family hid.
    You maybe in Berlin by now. That will also be interesting.

    I am going on a little trip myself tomorrow - all the way to Ithaca, New York to visit friends from nursing school from over 50 years ago. I doubt I would recognize them after all that time except that I have seen them a few other times over the years.

    Love, Grandma Doris
    PS: I found Harry hiding behind the orange beam.

  2. Hey Rohan,

    Really enjoying your blog! Fun to be experiencing your trip in real time.

    Did you have any pesto pancakes in Amsterdam??

    Have fun in Berlin!


  3. Did they have any 'special' or 'grown up only' pancakes? Ha ha!