Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Mean It, Be More Careful.

This morning, for the first time ever, I woke up on a train.  I have to say, sleeping on a train was very fun!   I loved being bumped around on my little bunk!   The only problem was, when we stopped at a station, the lights filled the train.  I cannot sleep with lights at all!   It tells my brain that it is daytime, therefore shutting down sleep mode. 

When we got to Italy, we were greeted by our hosts with whom we will will be staying this weekend.  They have a little cottage out in a small village about a hour train ride from Venice.  The cottage is so relaxing!  I love it!  We are planning one day just staying at their house and enjoying doing nothing.  We all agree that we have been moving way too fast!

I had a bit of work to do.  I did barely anything on the train.  So, I had to catch up, or I would not meet my week’s goal.  I had to do a long lesson in math, and read 55 pages of Anne Frank.  I also had to write a sentence about the word “insidious.”   After I read the 55 pages, I realized I only had 38 pages left in the book, so I decided to get it finished!  The book was really interesting for the first couple of hundred pages, but then it got a little boring hearing about a 14 year old girl’s feelings.

When I had completed some work, we went down to a river with good swimming potential.  When we got there, we were all astonished by the beach’s beauty.  We were exploring when I tripped over a branch and landed on my knee again.  Ouch.  I keep saying that I need to be more careful.  Maybe I should listen to myself.

After we went to the river we were all famished from the long day and barely any sleep.  We then experienced our first Italian dinner.  It was so good!  The Pizza was amazing!  Such yummy thin crust, mmmm.  Also dessert, I am telling you, was the best I had ever had!  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!



  1. The insidious train station lights worked there way into the boys head, resulting in the shutting down of his precious and highly coveted sleep mode.

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  3. Hey Rohan you're a great writer! Awesome voice. It looks like you guys are so busy that you mighT be needing a vacation from your vacation somewhere along the line! This blog is really cool, it's on my daily "check in the morning list". So anyways, be carefull (but not too carefull) and travell well.

  4. Just back from Jody's wedding and it was at an awesome location; awesome weather and a lot of really great people there. I know she would have liked you all to be there but clearly understands the great adventure that you are on. I suspect she will send you all some pics.
    Go easy on the knee and if you see anyone resembling Tonya Harding...RUN.

  5. Hey Rohan,
    I love following along with your travels. You have been on the road now for a month. Only 11 more to go?
    Keep being careful - all of you. (Well, what else would expect a Grandma to say?)
    Love, Grandma Doris

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate all the thoughtful words. Keep 'em coming.

  7. Spent June 1-14 in Italy. Pizza tally - 15! Mamma mia!!