Friday, June 24, 2011

Night Train

This morning we barely got up in time for breakfast.  It was another sad case of hotels that don’t let you sleep.  It’s either room service or an early closing time for breakfast.  Yeesh.  What’s next, hotels with alarms that never turn off?  Also in the morning, David said that he wanted to go back home.  He changed his airplane ticket to tomorrow morning from Vienna. 

After breakfast, we had to get an ace wrap for my sore knee. With the ace wrap on, I was ready to hop around town and start sightseeing.  Our first stop was St Stephan’s Cathedral.  The church looked a lot like the Regensburg Dom. It had the same Gothic features: high ceilings, very dark lighting inside, very tall columns, and stained glass windows. The unique part of the church was its two towers up which you could climb.  One of the towers was bigger than the other one.  The higher tower had stairs, but I could not climb them because of my injured knee.  I cannot climb long staircases as this will make my knee swell.  The shorter tower, however, had a elevator so I could go!  I initially did not think the short tower was very high, but when I got up to the steeple, I scared myself to death!  I wonder how it feels on the higher tower!

Once I was done scaring my self silly we went to a museum.  The museum buildings were two of the biggest I have ever seen.  They each were about the size of the the White House.  The museum had one of the biggest mineral collections in the world. The museum was so large, that in two hours we only got half way through it!  It is a really old museum.  It belonged to the Kaiser of Austria back in the 1800s.  There was a one inch stone statue of a lady that was made 35,000 years ago. I also learned a lot about molecules and how DNA is created. It was the best museum I had ever seen!  

I am writing from an overnight train to Venice.  It is so cool!  It has 4 beds, two on the bottom of the cabin, and two on the top of the cabin, where the bags are normally put. I already called the top bunk!  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic. 

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  1. How are you going to get up into the top bunk with that humongous knee??