Sunday, June 5, 2011

Amsterdam day 4

In the morning I was awakened by my dad.  We woke me up at 10:30 in the morning. That was too early for me! I was pooped (last night I stayed up to 2:00).  Dad woke me up because I had to pack up my stuff.  We are renting a new house in Amsterdam!  So we packed for a bit, ate breakfast, and packed a bit more.  I was sad to be leaving.  I liked our old house.  Sadly though, the owners could not rent the place for the next couple days.

We biked to our new home.  Maren drove all of our gear there.  Another example of how nice she is.  When we had almost biked to the house we got lost.  Mom looked at the map, but some how we just could not find the place.  We asked the people and studied the map even harder.  Success!  We quickly scurried there not to keep Maren waiting.

When we got there, the owner had to clean up more and said she would like to see our passports.  Oh no... we had left our passports at the last house!  We all got freaked. Dad and Maren  took the responsibility to take the car and go get the passports. When dad got to the old house, no one was there.  He called them and they said that they would be home in two hours. So David ,mom, and I went to the park.  Dad and Maren waited at a cafe. After a little wait they found the passports.

When we got home we met up with dad. He said Maren  had to go because she had a long long drive.  That was sad because I could not say good bye.  When we got home we made sure we had everything.

After that adventure, mom and dad went on a walk.  David and I stayed home. We are in a big flat .  Our flat was on the top of the building with access to the roof, by going up a ladder.  We walked on the roof.  It was nice up there.  We also had some staring contests.  David won all the time except once.

FIND HARRY UP ON THE ROOF  (extremely tricky)

After mom and dad came home, I went to a pick up game of soccer. I played with the local Dutch kids. They are real nice and are really good sports.  As you might know, the Dutch are really good at soccer.  This next statement will only be understood by people from Rogers Park Elementary: They could even beat Gus in a snap!

My days somehow keep getting better.  I have not quite figured out why.  I think it's just that Amsterdam is such a cool place.  I really do hope we will visit again.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Most excellent! Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Gus? Who's Gus? Snap snap snap. Ha ha!

  2. Hey Rohan, would have loved to wait, but it was a lot of traffic and a long drive, I did not arrive until noon today.
    But I hope to see you soon and take you kayaking in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and wherever you want.....

  3. Hi Maren and Andrew. I can't wait to go kayaking with you, Maren. Andrew, Gus is a kid in my class with a bigger six pack than my dad and he also played soccer for six years.

  4. Rohan:
    What were the names of the Dutch boys?
    Great Pictures!!!!
    <3 Anne

  5. Harry? Kickin' it behind the orange beam, not sure what sort of sights he is taking in....