Monday, June 27, 2011

The Ocean City

This morning I was dragged out of bed at 7:00.  I did not mind though, I was going to Venice.  I was so excited!  I had heard so much about it, but had never seen a glimpse of it.   After we all hopped out of bed, our host drove us to the train station in Tervisio.  I just could not wait.  When we got on the train, we could hardly contain ourselves. Venice was slowly getting closer! 

After the three of us ecstatically jumped off the train, we had to catch a boat to get to our hotel.  Venice is made up of many small islands off the coast of Italy.  It is probably  efficient to have more boats than cars.   Our hotel is on an island off of the city center.  We will be taking boats in to the city every day. I hoped Venice would live up to its reputation.

When we got to our yellow water taxi we were toured around the city  en route to our hotel.  Venice was just as I had thought.  The city has ubiquitous canals, and vibrant, beautiful old buildings in all colors.

Before we checked in to our hotel, we got some fresh Italian ice cream.  It was the best ice cream I had ever had!  It was much softer and more delicate than the ice cream in the U.S.  There were also so many ice cream stands, all with the same amazing quality as our first stop.  The result of all this delicious ice cream, was that I stuffed my face with three double scopes through out the day.  The food keeps getting better!!!!!

After checking into the hotel, we decided to go to the beach on the island. The island on which we are staying, is the furthest island out to sea in Venice. There for it is facing the Adriatic Sea. The beach has a very different system than beaches in the U.S.  At the hotel, they give guests a bracelet that activates the shower on the beach.  The beach is lined with hundreds of neat, blue cabins.  The bracelet also activates one of the cabin locks.  The water was a perfect temperature.  Today was one of my favorite days on the entire trip!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Cool stuff -- glad you continue to have a great time on your trip. When we were in Venice it snowed!! Very different from your photos.

    Your earlier post about the sleeper train reminded me of our trip to China with Andrew and Svetlana. In addition to taking a sleeper train, we also took a sleeper bus! No kidding. We didn't get much sleep (or lice fortunately) but it was a highlight of the trip me.

  2. Hey Rohan, gosh we miss you but it is so fun to travel along. You trump Rick Steve's travel Europe show any day. LOVE your photos-spellbound by your vocabulary - and can't wait to turn on the computer every day and live vicariously....I always leave with a smile and feeling hungry! So thank you for all the effort!

    Am with you on the loveliness of a soft, cozy bed and only the chirping of birds, or the scent of scones, or the sweet voice of a really nice mom to ease you wake when you're ready....

    "My dancing, my drinking, my singing
    weave me the mat on which my soul will sleep
    in the world of spirits"
    -Old Man of Halmahera, Indonesia

    Am also with you on camera mishaps and had to cough up some dough too. (but hey, sounds like we both got better ones...) Hope I escape knee empathy, though - is it healing? Can we have a pic of the carnage?

    Dan and I are getting ready for my sister, mom, and brother-in-law to visit. Piper, Theo and Sophie are going to get really spoiled! We will be heading up the Denali Highway and then into Denali park. Have you guys ever been to Tangle Lakes? Mom asked if the rangers keep the bears out of the Teklaneeka campground but I hate to tell her she's sleeping in a thinned walled tent and there ain't no guards. We'll say Hi to the bears and mosquitos for you!

    Keep your parents in line-we are with you all the way!
    -Love, Deanna

  3. Hello Deanna and Dan,
    I am sad to hear that that you broke your camera also. It really stinks doesn't it? Thanks for reading, say hi to the mosquitoes and bears.

  4. Hi Rohan -

    Where are you staying in Venice?