Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amsterdam day 3


Today we were awakened by a close friend named Maren.  She surprised us by coming in to our house at 10:00 in the morning.  She lives in Germany. She works for IBM. She likes to travel and kayak. When she travels she sleeps in her car.  She has a big red mini van.

After breakfast we went to the beach. The beach was on the North sea.  The beach was crowded.  The kids there built some cool sand castles. Some people there were professional quality sand builders. They made some amazing sand sculptures. They built three sharks and a person.  Wow I would never even dream of building a person out of sand!

Later at the beach, we went out to a sand bar far away from shore.  We had to swim to get to it.  Out at the sand bar, there were some pretty big waves. I practiced my body surfing.  I was getting pretty good at it.  On the way home from the beach, dad got me soft serve ice cream. Yum. I love that stuff.

When we got home, we realized that mom and David (who did not go to the beach and had gone to the park) had the key.  That meant we were locked out.  Dad played the guitar outside until mom and David got home. We only waited for 5 minutes.

When we got home, I read my book for awhile. While I read my book dad made dinner.  He made pork, spinach, and couscous. I loved all the food except the spinach. I don’t care that much for spinach. It tastes a bit gross to me.

I just heard that we are going to Berlin. The thing that interests me there is called Check Point Charlie. This was once a border between West and East Berlin. If  people crossed that border they would be shot dead. I am interested in how people escaped. 

I loved my day. This even beats day 2. The beach was the best part. I love the water. It feels so nice on your skin. I hope to go to the beach again.  It is also nice to have Maren here. She is a nice girl. Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.      


  1. Woo hoo! Glad you are having fun! Especially when every new day is better than the last! Svetlana and I are at the end of Day 4 of our trip to Italy. All is well down here.

    I hope you enjoy Checkpoint Charlie. The fact that it was needed post WWII is a warning to us all not to repeat mistakes of the past!

    Keep writing your blog! It's great to read it!


  2. You did a great job flying the kite today....