Friday, June 3, 2011

Amsterdam, Day 2

David in the morning

Last night  I slept long and hard.   Dad woke me up this morning at 8:30.  David had breakfast on the table.   I said I wanted to sleep more, so I sleep until nine. You might think (sense I was tired yesterday) that this is kind if early.  The thing is, I went to bed at 6:oo, so I slept 15 hours!  Here is a  picture of David in the morning.

Dad tells me I need to take more pictures.   I think he is totally right, but it just does not come naturally to me to take a picture.  So if I am slacking on the pics, please tell me.  Do you like the picture of David?  You know he usually smiles!

Anyway,  after the morning,  we set off to go to the Torture Museum.  That was pretty gross.   They made it all creepy in there.  They made the Museum pretty dim, and made it look like a dungeon.  It was scary!  It is brutal what they did to people back then.  Here are some pictures of the meuseum.  It makes me cringe at the thought of it.

After the museum, we met Dad's old collage buddy.  We met him for lunch.  He was nice.  He lives in Frankfurt,  Germany.  He could only stay for a few hours, though.  We may see him for longer in Frankfurt.  I look foward to seeing him later.  He has kids,  so that will be nice.  I hope his kids are nice to. 

After lunch we went to a volley ball game.  I did not know that people play volley ball in Europe. They had good players.  I did not know the teams, and I did not know who to root for.  So, I rooted for the orange tean (orange is my favorate color.)  Here are some pics. 
Today was a fun day.   I don't think I would change anything.  I especially liked the volley ball game. You see,  I am big on sports. Watching them is fun.  I like Amsterdam. The people are nice.  I hope we come back to Amsterdam some time.  Thanks for reading Rohan Geographic.

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  1. Rohan,
    What a good time you are having! I am much enjoying following along with your trip. And, I don't believe I would like the torture museum much either.
    The picture of David was nice. How about a picture of you?
    I didn't find Harry in any of your pictures?
    Grandma Doris