Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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Today I was woken up by my dad by accident.  Do you think he needs to be more careful?  Anyway this morning I had left overs from last morning's breakfast.  I was fine having the same delicious meal for two mornings.  Mmmm, so yummy.  There was meat,  Nutella, and cheese.  I really love that Nutella!  My parents liked all the cheeses.  Personally I thought the cheeses were too strong.

When the morning was over, we went to the old city of Regensburg.   This city has many beautiful old churches.  One of the churches is very famous in Europe. It is a Gothic cathedral.  It is called the Regensburger Dom. The church was built in 700 AD.  The church was expanded into a bigger, fancy Gothic cathedral throughout the thirteenth century.  It is really interesting to imagine that hundreds of years ago a person walked in the same church.
Front of the Dom
Stained glass windows inside the Dom

The Alter in the Dom

The other church was also beautiful.  It was called the Alta Kapella.  This means the old chapel.  This church was designed in a Rococo style.  Rococo means that it is very bright and happy and is lined with gold.  The problem with this church was the sanctuary was closed off with bars.  You could see through the bars.  A camera lens could also fit through the bars. 
Alta Kapella Church - Rococo Style


Dinner was on us tonight, so we had to get home fast.  We also did not have the amount of food we needed to cook dinner.  We went to the grocery store.  The interesting thing about the grocery store was that you have to pay for the grocery cart to use it.  But, you do get the money back when you turn the cart back in.  Tonight for dinner, we cooked pork tenderloin.  Whenever my parents make pork tenderloin at home it is always killer!  I also love their sauce.    It was as yummy today!     


  1. awesome photos!
    you do have parents that are great cooks. "yummy" speaking your parents cooking, what about thanksgiving this year? i will track you down if i have to.

  2. Hi Rohan, I hope this comment gets to you. I tried a couple of times but it didn't work. You are so lucky! The places you visit sound so interesting. I will continue to read your blog.
    Your friend,

  3. My mom and your mom dragged me at age 10 into every church in Europe. At least it felt like every church. It was probably only the ones we walked past. Since we didn't see a lot of Germany that trip, we probably skipped a few.

    Best part of being older tourist is that I can choose where and when I visit a church. Scarred scared at an early age, I'll let you guess how many churches I entered during 14 days in Italy. Hint - more than zero, less than four, and neither one nor two. ha!

  4. Andrew, I did not know you did not liked churches! Nathan, Thanks a lot for following my blog nice to here from you! Ivan, We would love to see you for thanksgiving! We will be in India. Keep writing the comments they mean a lot to me.

  5. WHERE'S HARRY? Ok, deanna and dan will play.....harry is gettin' some between your ma and pa, and is hiding behind your ma's(or is your pops painting his toenails now?) leg and under the bed in the hotel room pic.