Monday, June 6, 2011

Amsterdam day 5

I suppose you know of the disease Ice Cream Tongue?

Today I woke up to the sound of construction.   A bunch of construction workers had started making load noises.  I think it was inconsiderate of them to start so early in the morning. Rattle bang! bang!   Try sleeping with that noise blasting in your ear.  When I woke up I had eggs for breakfast.  After breakfast, I cranked out some of my schoolwork for the day.  My schooling involved math and reading.  I thought the math was boring and the reading not as boring.  I am reading the Anne Frank Dairy. The cool thing is that I am going to the Anne Frank House tomorrow. 

A little later in the afternoon, we went to the Van Gogh Museum.  I was fascinated with all his beautiful art.  He just has such an emotional way of painting!  I have never liked a artist so much!  The sad thing is he got a little too emotional.  He killed himself.  He was only 37. 

Tonight we went to one of my dad's old friend's house.  His Name is Rene´.  He has a wife named Anneke.  They have three daughters.  The three daughters names are Andrea, Marlous, and Laura.  They were really nice.  It was odd that we could not speak the same language.  We communicated with hand signs.  I hope we could visit them again.  As you might know, time passes quickly at a good friend's house.  Soooooo we stayed up too late and I am exhausted.  So I can not post a full length entry.


  1. hey Rohan,
    Mazie here. Great to here of your travels! You are so lucky to get to go to Anne Frank's house. I am reading that also.

    Safe travels,

  2. Wow - the picture of the map looks familiar. Not the city, but the process! We're on our 7th map in 15 days! Have fun and thanks for the blog!