Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Passau Day 1

This morning another one of my dad’s friends, Eva, woke us up. Yes, again we had the German breakfast tradition.  I am getting tired of it.  When I get tired of something, I think of the people that do not have any food.  They would find it a huge gift just to have a little piece of bread.  Anyway, we were leaving Regendorf today.  So, we said goodbye to Eva and Gunther, Eva’s husband. After we had breakfast, we were ready to face the day.

After we made one errand, we took on the long drive to Passau.  I dislike long drives, but this one was really fun (or fun for a car ride).  I listened to this really awesome album.  It is by the band Deep Purple.  They are the same band that does Smoke on the Water.  Their band actually has better songs than Smoke on the Water, though it is their most popular song.  You should really check them out.  One of their really good songs is called Highway Star.

Find Harry!
When we checked into our hotel, we realized they had a wacky internet system.  Of course we need internet for maps, blog and travel information.  You could use internet for 60 minutes in the lobby and in the restaurant for free if you got a card from the front desk.  In the rooms, though, you had to pay.  I cracked their system.  I used the 60 minutes in my room by using the card I got from the front desk.

After we checked in, we went to an old village that had a castle we could tour.  When we got there, the way to the castle was blocked by a gate.  That was a disappointment.  I had been looking forward to this all day.  They had turned the castle into a place you could only see with a tour group.  Well, I hope we have better luck next time.  We also looked around the village for awhile.  It had this fascinating place were they would put people who had done something bad. They locked them up on a ledge in the town square. The townspeople mocked them from below.  They would even throw vegetables and food at them.  It was harsh what they did to people back then. The device was called the stocks.  People were put in the stocks so that others would laugh at them.  That explains the expression, “my dad became the laughing stock of the family for wrecking the rental car”.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.

I am not kidding!!!


  1. My nephew the hacker -- I'm so proud!! :)

  2. Hey thanks a lot Peter! I love hacking into things and breaking the rules! So how is it going in SF?

  3. Your friend Harry is very good at hiding! Maybe he could do a guest blog sometime so we could all formerly meet him?


  4. Bummer on the rental car. Causing some damage was my main fear when we rented in a car in Tuscany.

    When you say 'find Harry', do you mean the hairy legs???