Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Pain Free Morning!

Thankfully, this morning my mom let me sleep.  I love it when she does that even if she only does it on rare occasions.  When I did wake up, though, I realized that I had had a noise bleed in my sleep.  I did not even know that was possible!  After I got up and moving, I went down to breakfast.  The breakfast at the hotel was amazing.  It even had cake for dessert!  I never knew there could be dessert after breakfast! Yummy.  Europe is my kind of place!

First thing in the morning, before our long bike ride, we visited the palace in Artstettan (the town where we stayed last night.)  It was the same palace that Archduke Ferdinand lived in.  He and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo and that very assassination started World War I. The castle was transformed into a museum.  It explained everything about his royal family at the time.  The most interesting thing I saw at the museum was the car that Ferdinand and his wife were in when they were assassinated.

Our next stop was an energy efficient ferry.  It was carried cars, trucks, bikes and people across the river,  It used no motor, but ferried with just the right angel for the current to push it directly across the water.  There was a cable attached to the bow of the boat that connected to another cable that ran across the river.  This cable prevented the ferry from being pushed downstream by the current. Seeing this ferry was the most interesting part of my day.  I wish companies in the US would think of such ingenious ideas as this one!
On the Ferry.  Cable in background.

The rest of my day included a brief stop at a swimming area, and an extremely yummy lunch.  We also biked through a region where grapes are grown and pressed and wine is made.  This “Find Harry” picture was taken in the grape vines.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.
Find Harry


  1. Rohan,
    This blog must have just arrived!
    Sounds like today wasn't somnolent. By the way, how do you know how to spell such hard words?
    Harry was easy to find today. Thanks!
    Love, grandma

  2. Thanks for commenting. I figured you needed an occasional easy find harry!