Thursday, June 23, 2011

Really, Be Carefull!!!

This morning, no one woke me up.  I woke up of my own accord.  I had to do my work.  I did not want to have to stay up late tonight. When I was starting my work, I accidentally woke mom and dad up.  Well, they were not happy with that, but they were glad that I was doing my work.

After breakfast, we decided we wanted to move to a different hotel.  We wanted a hotel nearer to the center of town.  The hotel that the bike outfitters gave us was miles away from the old city and points of interest.  Mmmmmm, “sounds hollow!"

We took a subway across town to our new hotel.  We quickly checked in to our hotel and went to explore the town.  I found it interesting that the old city of Vienna looks a lot like the stereotypical Rome.  All the old buildings have many statues on them.  One of the buildings even had a big fountain of people and gods united.  On the top of the fountain, there was a big statue of a Greek god.  I think the god might be Ares, the god of war.  He had a big shield and a sword in his hand.

After exploring the town we went back to the hotel.  As in the morning, I had work to do.  I jumped right into my reading.  While I was reading, dad checked my math.  Then dad, David, and mom went downstairs to find a place to stay in Venice (our next destination.)  While they were doing that, I finished my reading, corrected my mistakes in math, and went downstairs to check on my parents.  When I got there, dad said he wanted to recheck my math.  On the way up, dad raced me to our room. We ran up three flights of stairs.  I beat my dad up the stairs, but tripped in the hall at the top and I fell on my knee again.  I now have a large knee effusion, which means that my knee is swelling and if I am not careful it could get infected.  I have to wear a gauze wrap and antibiotic ointment.  At dinner, my parents had to bring up food for me, while I wrote this blog with my leg elevated and iced. Ouch.......!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Dear Rohan,
    Please, really be careful!!!!! My knee hurts just thinking about yours.
    If you can walk about tomorrow, enjoy Vienna. I wonder how long you will be there before you go to Venice? And how you will get to Venice. I'm assuming it won't be by bike.... Maybe you will travel on the Orient Express (if it goes through Venice on the way to Istanbul). And maybe it doesn't even run anymore.

    We are happy here because we had rain for the first time since Fall. I also had my first swim of the summer at Deep Eddy today.
    Love, Grandma Doris

  2. Hi Grandma!
    I am happy to hear that you are swimming and having a good time! We have just arrived in Venice and are staying in a beautiful cottage outside of Venice.
    love, Rohan

  3. scars - cool
    amputations - less cool!