Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Lazy Day

The lazy river
This morning was very nice but tomorrow is going to be brutal!  We have to wake up at 7:00!  We are taking a train into Venice.  There was a little change of plans.  Instead of staying at the cottage and
Cottage near Trevisio
taking daily trains into Venice, we found a hotel in Venice!  We are only staying at cites for 1 or 2 days.  I am having to pack up my gear almost every night! I think we are moving too fast!

After breakfast, yet again I had work to do, like always!  I had to do thirty tricky problems of math!  My dad says that I need to work on my accuracy.  I agree with him.  I am making careless errors on ten of thirty daily problems.  I am working very hard and I am trying my best.  I think I am getting better!

When I was done with my thirty problems, my parents took me to the river again.  I have to say, I love
skipping stones
that beach!  It is so peaceful!  We swam to the other side of the river!  In order to not be carried too far down stream, you have to practically swim up stream!  My parents played guitar for most of the time.  I also worked on skipping rocks.  When we finished our relaxing beach time, we trudged in our shorts and flip-flops back to our little cottage to get ready for dinner.    
Trudge home
After the beach, we went to dinner at the same place as last night.  (Starting to see the pattern!)   We met a very nice waitress who’s name was Michelle.  She was patient with our Italian.  Or, I guess you could call It Italian!  She helped us decide what food to order.  We had a yummy pizza covered in bacon and onions.  We also ordered pasta, salad, and a pork dish!  I thought the German food was good, but tonight’s meal was fantastic!   

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!                    


  1. Well it was a pleasure for me..Thank you for the nice things you wrote about me!! I will sure remember all 3 of you...wonderfull family!!
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks a lot for commenting, guys. Michelle, thank you for remembering us. We will definitely remember you too! Ivan, I like bacon also!

  3. mmmmmm, piiiiizzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa