Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonderful Water

This morning I woke up to the sound of rushing water.  Last night we slept in a mill town with water running all through the town.   Today we were driving to Plitvice lakes!  I was excited.  Before we left, however,  we decided to go to the swimming area that we went to yesterday!  I was going to miss that epic high dive!  The swimming area was the same as yesterday: amazing!

By mid-afternoon, we finally made it to Plitvice Lakes.  I think the waterfalls were overrated and the nature was underrated.  I mean, yeah, there were two or three big waterfalls, but the surrounding nature was amazing!   The water was so clear you could see to the bottom in water at least 30 feet deep!  There were tons fish, and snakes that could kill you if they bit you.  I am not kidding.   Also, the park was filled with caves that you could climb up into.  The sad thing about the park was that it was frowned upon to swim in the water.  That did not stop us, though!  We jumped in this little lake right next to two caves.  One of the caves you had to climb up to get to.  The other cave was unique, though, in that it was a water cave.  It was too dark and scary for us to swim into the cave, but when dad and I looked into it, it was swarming with bats!  In a different part of the park, there was a look out right next the the top of a HUGE waterfall, and you could look down about a hundred feet to where the water hit the ground.  The three of us stood under a little water fall that was right next to the big one.  The pictures we have of this were taken by a tourist that was not a very good camera man.

When we were done with the lakes, we decided to find a small community in which to eat and sleep.   We found a good restaurant and a mildly good Hotel.  The rooms are very small, but the people are pretty nice.

I had a good day today.  I really loved the park and all the beautiful lakes.  All three of us say that Croatia is our favorite country yet!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. Hi Rohan - Ooooh, I wouldn't like the snakes!! No, No, No! I'm glad you like Croatia. You are getting to be quite a hotel connoisseur!! xoxo

  2. Killer pics and very beautiful scenery!

  3. Gorgeous! So, uh, what type of snakes was there? Were they really the type that kills, or just the 'Adam and Eve' hype we get alot?

    Ask me later my joke about what's overrated versus underrated. And I mean in 6-7 years or so when you're 18! Ha!

    I'm in Taipei - just watched the US beat France in Germany in the Women's World Cup Semifinals.

  4. Hey, Andrew
    That snake was an Adder! They are very dangerous and are the same kind of snake that killed Cleopatra.

    Rohan Geographic

  5. That's right - I seem to remember that Cleopatra used to have a summer house in Croatia. Lake Como wasn't there yet (well, the lake was there, but no one had developed it yet) so she ended up in a high end development near Plitvice. July in Alexandria was beastly.

    Hey Choppers! Do you remember where she had her ski chalet?

  6. Cleopatra really got around. When I was in Turkey, on of our stops was a bay where there were ruins that were supposed to have been Cleopatra's Bath. They were underwater and I wasn't able to see anything, but others did. Cleopatra skied?
    Rohan, the place you were today must have been very beautiful. It certainly looks lovely in your pictures. How did you know the snake you saw was an adder?

  7. Rohan,
    Check out this website that I found about adders.

  8. Hi Grandma,
    Another tourist told us it was an adder because of it's body patterns, and then we looked it up in the dictionary, which described the adder with all the body features we had seen.

    Rohan Geographic