Sunday, July 10, 2011

tooooooo hotttt!

I am writing from a town called Zagreb in Croatia, and I am really hot!  Zagreb is a convenient place to catch a bus to a beautiful place with water falls and lakes, about 2 hours away, called Plitvice Lakes.  We have an apartment that feels like it is a hundred degrees and is not air conditioned.  It is also right next to a very busy street and is really loud.   The heat is too much for everybody and we are all super angry and irritable.  We all decided to get out of here as soon as we can.  I will fill you in when I can write more. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic


  1. Sweating sweating sweating, the three of you are sweating, etc...

    Great weather here in LA. I'm off tomorrow on another trip to Asia. Yeah yeah yeah...


  2. Hi Rohan,
    I hope today I will be able to comment on your blog. If Andrew can get through to you, maybe I can as well.
    Another 100 degree day here. We swam this morning at UT before the sun got on the pool and I am home now until late afternoon when I go to yoga.
    I also hope you are somewhere cooler by now and are feeling less irritable - more like your usual happy selves.
    Love, Grandma

  3. flying flying flying Andrew is always flying

    Thanks, Rohan Geographic

  4. Dear Doris,
    I am glad that you were able to swim today! I also hope you will enjoy your yoga!

  5. Hey Rohan,

    I’m back online after a brief trip to the Sierras. Had a fun time but there was too much snow to do any long hikes.

    Guess what? I crashed my bike on the way to work this morning – made me think of your bike trip in Germany/Austria. Banged up my hip, road rash on my face, etc. Fun stuff.

    Stay cool!


  6. Dude, are you all right? My knee is just healing! Did you have a fun time in the Sierras?

    Keep commenting!

    Rohan Geographic

    P.S. By the end of the year I want to get at least one follower that I do not know, so spread the word!

  7. Phoenix One Sixteen

    Eggs frying on the sidewalk

    To be in Zagreb!!!

    a haiku

  8. This is testing to see if we can leave a comment next time we write. Love from Grandpa Morgan and CVS

  9. Rohan, I have been reading your Blog right along. Thanks to Charlotte I can now express my pleasure in being able to follow step by step your grand adventure, and to admire your open-eyed, open-minded, honest observations. When you are hot and miserable you admit it. When parents roust you out before your biological clock sings "Arise and greet the morning," you speak up. When you see concentration camps' horrors you do not shut eyes or heart. You are a sensitive observant traveller. Keep up the excellent work & savor ancient treasures. I love you. Grandpa Morgan

  10. We are very glad

    The new hotel has A.C.

    Thanks for commenting.

    "a haiku for you!"