Friday, July 22, 2011

My parents said tonight that for my special treat they would give me an evening of no work.  We have finished our sailing adventure and have made it back to Zadar.  We will be taking a bus to Zagreb tomorrow evening. Then we will start a 33 hour train journey from Zagreb to Istanbul.  We do not expect internet on the train.  Talk to you soon! 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Hi Rohan,
    I checked your blog as I was turning off my computer. Glad you got back to Zadar. Have fun on the train ride to Istanbul - and in Turkey.
    love Grandma.

  2. Thirrrtyyy thhreeee looonnngggggg hooouurrsss oooonnnnnn theeeee traaaaiiiinnnnnnn. Ugh.

  3. Hello my dear Alaskan friends. Hope you are fine. Like i said. Here I am. Commenting Rohans blog. You jumped from 10m high jump at my pool. You are very brave. Congr. You must buy a carpet in Istanbul then you can fly over 10m. :))))))))

    Pijem pivo jebe mi se zivo.
    Pijem vino jebat cu te fino.
    Pijem caj jebat cu te ko zmaj.


    See ya

  4. Wise man also say - better a 33 hour train Zabreg-Istanbul than a 14 hour night bus Lijiang-Kunming... Or a 10m jump into 10" pool...