Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Relaxing Days on the Water

I am sorry that I missed a post yesterday, but I am back in full service.  Yesterday we woke up and headed straight for the beach.  When we got there, we saw to our great surprise, that the waves were huge.  We were swimming in the Black Sea.  The Black Sea is a huge body of water almost like a lake, but much larger.  It is almost the size of Germany.   Dad and I like to body surf, and we both took interest in the the size of the waves.  Towards the end of the day, we went to a restaurant to eat fish and end the day on a full stomach.  The drive home took two hours, and when we got there it was almost too late to brush our teeth let alone write a blog.

Beach on the Black Sea

Me in the Water, on the Black Sea

There is a large channel of water, called the Bosphorus, connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Istanbul lies on the other end of the Bosphorus from the Black Sea, at the Sea of Marmara. Today we spent our whole day on a rented yacht motoring up the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea.  I do not do our trip planning, but I heard that the renting of a yacht was a mistake.  Huseyin had really meant to rent a small motor boat.  I was glad we got a big yacht because I have never been on one before.  Our destination was a fine, relaxing swimming bay.  I jumped off the end of the boat and worked on my flips and dives. 

The Inside of the Yacht

Huseyin at the End of the Boat

My Parents Playing Guitar

Our Relaxing Lunch Spot

My Dive

After we got off the yacht, we heard that Huseyin could not  join us for dinner.  So Ulrika, my parents and I had a nice dinner in a small restaurant in an alley near our hotel.  We ate of many good meats and breads and we left the table with our stomachs filled.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Hi Rohan
    We are in Acadia national park. Have you been there? Not as Istanbul, but we are happy!
    We spent our first Maine evening in Portland(where you were born!) and enjoyed lobster at di'mello's.
    Good for you all swimming in the Black Sea. Is it salty?
    Here in Maine, I am missing all of you. Isn't that silly?
    Love, Mom and Grandma

  2. Fun times on the big yacht -- how cool!

    Thanks for the postcard from Zadar!