Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Day on the River

This morning I woke up in my peaceful tent.  I said earlier that I sleep better in a tent than in a bed, but I sleep in later when I’m in my bed. This morning, I thought it was really late in the morning, but it was only 8:00!   It’s weird how your mind tricks you!

Before boating today, we had to stop at the store.   Norbert had to get a saw to work on his truck.  We did not mind at all, because we had to buy shampoo and  tooth paste.  We were running low on our tooth paste supply.  We also needed a water proof camera, because our old one opened up in the water and is now ruined.  The problem was, the store didn’t carry them.  This is the reason that we have no pictures of me boating.  I didn’t take pictures of the camp today either because we were boating all day. 

When we got to the put in, we had to drag our boats down a long, natural and steep trail.  Right where we put in, there was a big class 2 drop that was really tricky.   I was scared when I saw it, but I did fine.  We also had to do a rapid that had 3 to 4 foot waves and was 500 meters long!  That was way harder than anything I have ever done!  I did very well!  After the big rapid we stopped at a beach to rest and take off our soaked gear.  I got so comfortable I even took off my wet suit.  It took me 15 minutes to get it back on again!      

When we were done boating, we went to a restaurant near our camp where we are charging all our electronic devices.  I  did my math here too, and am currently writing my blog here.  Yesterday there was no time for writing because we boated during the day and stayed out late at fancy restaurant.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Wow! 3-4 foot waves for 500 meters? Was this also Class 2? Also, how big was the drop (or what makes a drop Class 2)? What are you studying in Math?

  2. Rohan,
    Those waves did sound a little high. I'm reading a book about Powell running the Green and Colorado Rivers. He had some pretty big drops that I don't remember being that bad last summer. But then I was on a big raft and not in a little kayak.
    How is your knee? Any more injuries?
    Lucky you, Andrew gets in touch with you more than with his mother. Maybe I should start an interesting blog

  3. Rohan,
    I continue to enjoy your trip and pics.

    This will be your greatest school year, learning to learn on your own and with your parents. Once we had to hide our school books when going from African country to African country under neath our kids learned more that year and never quit thanking their mother for being strict.

    Try doing that math on EPIC if you want to see mistakes.

    Here is a math question: What are the odds of Rohan turning into an icecream cone??

  4. Hey do you guys ever read these answers? Andrew The drop was about two feet going between two boulders. Class 2 means lots of rocks fast moving water and some waves.

    Rohan Geographic

  5. By the way, my knee is doing fine!