Friday, July 8, 2011

Rohan and The Scarecrows

The first major activity of my day was a complicated math test.  Every five lessons, my math program tests me on the earlier lessons.  Today was my first test. My dad requires me to get 90 percent.  I got 80 percent on my first attempt, then I obtained 95 percent on my retest. I felt crumby after the eighty percent, but then was ecstatic after the second try.  My dad says that he’s going to get me a special treat because I got 95 percent on the second try. I am curious what the surprise will be and will surely tell you when I get it.

After that I I played Ping-Pong with my dad and jumped in the pool. My dad gave me some major tips on ping pong. The pool water feels great on my skin. I am relieved to have my test completed.

At the end of the day we went out to dinner and then to a festival with the owners of the guest house.  The festival runs the whole month of July.  It is set up in the middle of a field of sunflowers.  There are probably fifty scarecrows and the whole place is ransacked with piles of hay. There was live music. There also was a big bonfire. My parents hung around and drank wine.

It is really sweet what the owners of the guest house have done for us. But, I would like it better if we were free to make our own decisions.  They are always driving us to places they think we will like, but we never get to explore Villach ourselves. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Excellent pictures Rohan - thanks!

    More attention to detail for the math I'd guess. You obviously know the material right? It's a bummer to work soooo hard studying and then blow it when it counts due to rushing eh?

    Nagging nagging nagging, Andrew is a nagging etc... Ha!

  2. commenting commenting commenting, Andrew is always commenting thanks a lot!

    Rohan Geographic