Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ivan's Wifi

After we had set off for the start of day 2, we decided to try sailing.  That idea did not work out very well due to the fact that we had no wind.  My parents thought sailing was quiet and nice, but I thought it was a bit boring.   Our speed ranged from o.o1 knots to 2 knots.  A knot is 1.15 miles per hour.  We had to stop and turn the motor on again because we were making no time. 

Shortly after we had started motoring again, we stopped in a bay containing twenty or thirty boats of all kinds.  There were small yachts and sailboats ranging in size and shape.  At this point in the day’s journey, we were all hot and excited to feel the water on our skin.  The water was very beautiful.  It was so clear that my mind played tricks on me, and I thought the water was only a meter deep.  Actually, Ivan said the water was five meters deep!   After swimming, Ivan cooked an amazing lunch and the we all took a nap.

Tonight we found a small fishing village to dock and sleep.  I get a good vibe from the village.  The village is filled with music and happy people.  Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 

P.S. Ivan is kindly letting us use his portable wifi from his phone, so now I can have internet while on the boat.


  1. Swimming, swimming, the Silbaughs love swimming!

  2. 2 probably could have gotten in the water and pushed the boat faster than that! Ask Ivan about the Doldrums. Good times there before sailors had motors.